Tuesday, September 18, 2012

10 Reasons Why I Won't Buy Fall Clothing

This list, from Nordstrom, is presented as pieces crucial to a woman’s fall wardrobe.

Vera Wang Footwear 'Marilyn' Boot - $395.00

TOUGH BOOTS – I already have several pairs of boots. I believe they are tough enough for me. I shall wear them, love them and save myself quite a bit of money. After all, how many boots does one really need?

Vince Colorblock Blanket Sweater - $395.00

THE THROW-ON SWEATER – A sweater, yes! And the several ones I have are very nice; prettier (IMO) than those I've seen in stores this year.

Yves Saint Laurent 'Rouge Pur Couture' Lip Color - $32.00

RED LIPS – Check. Got that covered! I have lots of red lipsticks.

Ted Baker London 'Mardun' Satchel - $235.00

A COLOR-POP BAG – Check. I have a red one which I use from time to time during fall and winter. Had I disposed of it when I downsized my handbags, I'd just do without a color bag!

Rachel Roy Double Face Stretch Sheath Dress - $378.00

THE SHEATH DRESS – Check. A black sheath is is my standard go-to dress. If I needed to buy something new, I'd just knit myself a shawl (which I plan to do) to throw over my shoulders to dress it up. 

rag and bone 'Baily' Stripe Jacket - $595.00

A STATEMENT JACKET – Hmm. How about a statement cardigan? Been there, done that with jackets. A lifestyle change has caused me to be partial to long bulky cardigans.

Trina Turk 'Rialto' Wide Leg Pants - $248.00

PRINTED PANTS – No and no. Not under any circumstances. Who are they kidding?

Tasha Crystal Brooch - $68.00

VINTAGE-INSPIRED BROOCHES – I don't own one of those really large eye-popping brooches. But I got around that last winter by grouping together three or four medium-sized ones. A very interesting look. 

  • VC Signature 'Priscilla' Pump - $225

THE NEW PUMP – Being defined as mary-jane straps, metallic toes and soft suedes flowing into chunky heels. Should I even be slightly tempted I'd just remember they will be so yesterday very soon!

Mackage Mixed Media Moto Jacket - $680

THE LEATHER MIX - Leather on a collar or sleeves, or mixing leather garments with cozy fall textures. No. But I do have a black leather jacket.

So, do you see anything on this list that will cause you to join the hordes that will buy just to have the latest in-thing?  What else, if anything, are you planning to purchase for fall?


  1. Replies
    1. I see you are feeling about the same as I am!

  2. My Seattle wardrobe still isn't quite right for Tulsa, but I'm not sure what needs to be added. I think it might be my shoes that are wrong, but I don't like those heels or the short boots. Actually, except for the red lipstick and some form of that pin, I wouldn't own any of those items.

    1. I think our old items will serve us quite well!

  3. Your list is p e r f e c t . You have it all covered.
    Same over here.
    I did buy a Finnish oversized fall/ mild winter coat though, not having had one for many years. A totally all-around wool coat.
    However, I am planning to buy a pair of those super warm Bally curlers ( short boots ), as they are the warmest and non-slippery. The best ever.
    I had a pair in the 80´s, they are still in production. Actually they are not very attractive, but they are functional, and so proper in our cold climate.

    1. I am not familiar with the Bally curlers you mention; are those the ones you wear for your stable work?

    2. No, no, not at the stable ( wearing my rubber boots there 12/12.
      Bally is a Swiss company ( ? ) and the curlers are originally meant to be used on ice, when doing the curling sport.
      In the 80´s it was very popular over here to see women wearing long mink coats and Bally curlers ; ).

  4. I need a new lipstick,not red but with a bit more oomph to it.As a greying redhead have become a golden blonde...still trying to get use to it...my Autumn needs are ankle boots,cashmere cardigans (cannot wear wool) and cotton is not warm enough for our Winter's.

    I never wear black,my black is brown.I love jackets but don't need new ones.

    We lit our log burner last night for the first time this year.The days are sunny with a cold north wind,but the night temp;drops low. What is your weather like? Ida

    1. Redheads look so good in brown. I think I wear black far too much but I love it! We are having gorgeous Fall weather, 70s F daytime; high 40s F nighttime. Have turned off air conditioning and opened the windows for the fresh air. Feels so good. We had an abundance of rain two days ago, so everything is still lush and green, but am beginning to see the smallest amount of color in the leaves. Stay warm!

  5. Eeeeiiii, those pants!

    I really don't have any big needs in my wardrobe at the moment. I do want to add a cashmere pullover as soon as I find a color that makes me happy. I already have black. There was a pretty shell pink out last year but evidently I missed my window of opportunity. I haven't seen that particular shade lately (looking at Bompards and a few others).


    1. Ha. My feeling about the pants as well. I saw a pink cashmere pullover in the Talbots catalog so you might want to check (but may not be the shade you have in mind). I really would like a new cashmere cardigan in black but have not seen the right one. I don't need it; just want it! So I'll likely just pass.

  6. Very interesting - but most not for me! Those shoes make my feet hurt just looking at them. Amazing how our "needs" change when we don't work anymore.

  7. Indeed! I need to get rid of so many of my clothes!


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