Sunday, January 27, 2013

Cinnamon and Honey: Cure-All or Hoax?

Maybe you've read information going around the Web about the amazing powers of cinnamon and honey to cure whatever ails you.

I’m always intrigued by such information, conscious as I am about eating right and staying healthy. So my first stop in investigating this claim was at the Website devoted to verifying the accuracy of various information that often circulates,

It’s interesting that snopes, in this instance, only says this information is a “mixture,” of truth and untruth, but doesn’t distinguish between the two.
Another Website reports that is “still researching this to decide whether it’s truth or urban legend.”

Here are the conditions honey and cinnamon are claimed to cure (go to snopes link above for more details):

  • Bladder Infections
  • Toothache
  • Cholesterol
  • Colds
  • Upset Stomach
  • Gas
  • Immune System
  • Influenza
  • Pimples
  • Longevity
  • Skin Infections
  • Bad Breath
  • Infections
  • Weight Loss
  • Cancer
  • Fatigue.

Wow, that's quite a list!

The truth is that cinnamon and honey have been used to promote health for centuries. They are a part of Traditional Chinese Medicine and Folk Medicine. It HAS been verified that honey possesses natural anti-bacterial properties. But the efficacy of the two products is part of a larger picture that consists of lifestyle choices: energetic activity and whole foods, I think we all would agree.

As for me, I love both cinnamon and honey in the first place so I will continue to consume them. I have been regularly using cinnamon daily for at least two years. It gets sprinkled on top of brewing coffee grounds and into plain yogurt for my morning breakfast. Honey also goes into my yogurt and I use it sometimes to sweeten tea. I love it mixed with peanut butter and spread on whole wheat bread for a quick lunch.

One more thing. I found this blog Katerina's Journal which claims honey and cinnamon are good for sick animals as well. I'll index this for possible future use.

Honey And Cinnamon Remedy For Dogs:

Put 1 teaspoon ground cinnamon (powder) in a cup
Pour over about half a cup of boiling water
Stir well and let cinnamon swell for a few minutes
Add 1 table spoon of honey, stir until honey dissolves

Feed 1-2 table spoons per dog per serving, for example as part of a healthy morning feeding, mixed into 100g of plain yogurt with probiotics, or just blend into the dog's food at least twice daily.

Use the honey and cinnamon mixture as a remedy for tired, sick, weak animals, especially those with respiratory disease. You can put it in a syringe and slowly feed it in intervals to your animal patient. For very weak dogs, administer 5-10ml every hour to a medium sized dog. Double or lower the amount based on your pet's size.

Serve it warm (not hot!) or at room temperature.

Have you heard of the cinnamon and honey cure? Do you consume the two?


  1. I had not heard of combining the two as a cure. Very interesting. I had heard that Cinnamon is good for Blood Sugar. Something new to me that I have been overhearing people recommend as a cure for these awful colds and flu that are going around is Oil of Oregano. I should look that up on your "Swope"(?) website, too.

    1. I haven't heard of the oil of oregano cure. Please let me know what you find out about it.

    2. I have had oil of oregano from my naturopath - it helped to clean up a very persistent respiratory infection extremely effectively. I highly recommend it.

    3. Yes, Oil of Oregano is very effective against bacteria of almost any kind. It must be wild mediterranean oil P73. I don't use the capsules; I get it in a bottle w/a dropper. I too highly recommend.

  2. I knew of some honey health benefits but not the cinnamon. I worked in the medical field and Allergists often recommended local honey (has to be LOCAL to work right) in small doses to reduce allergies to local pollen, etc.

    I like both and neither could hurt so I'll add some cinnamon to my yogurt this morning.


    1. Local honey can be difficult find and I've heard the same: has to be local. My feelings exactly - can't hurt anything to consume the products and I like them both!

  3. I also like both and have off and on used both. Since we talked about this on Sat, the last two mornings I have had honey and peanut butter on toast and it is delicious. Wayne puts cinnamon in his oatmeal very am. Will try to remember it as a cure for a cold. Great info

    1. I wonder if that's why I haven't had a cold this year? Love peanut butter/honey toast for breakfast!

  4. I am aware of the benefits of honey, only I never use it ( lazy ).
    The mix of honey and cinnamon is new to me. Might give it a try some day!
    Thanks for the tip!

    1. Might be worth a try for you. It's pretty amazing all the claims being made.

  5. definitely a hoax, at least from where I'm standing! I put cinnamon in my coffee because I enjoy the flavour, I'd say I put at least two pinches per cup. At two to three cups a day I should be as healthy as a horse as we say in Slovenia, yet I still suffer from seasonal cold, frequent stomach pain from idigestion etc.

    1. Sorry the cinnamon cure hasn't worked for you. You might try adding honey to your diet? For stomach pain/indigestion I drink Peppermint Tea. Helps me a great deal.

    2. Most likely he is using the wrong cinnamon - as powder form is almost always irradiated, same is true of most sticks of 'true' cinnamon quills its very hard to find non irradiated ones (online is best). Also the honey needs to be raw(unpasteurized) honey (which is never runny). UK sourced would do for 'local' honey if you suffer from hayfever anywhere in the country.

      I'm not saying it works but in order to properly evaluate it you most go to great lengths to find the right products - popping to Tescos is not going to cut it.

  6. One of my best friends is a bio-chemist and swears by Manuka Honey...but it has to be from New Zealand and 100percent organic and only the expensive kind etc etc. I bought some for $32.00 a small jar but even though on the jar it said all the right things when she saw it she sain it was the wrong kind of Manuka Honey so I gave up. She also swears by cinnamon but it has to be a certain kind and of course pure and very expensive and in its natural state etc so even as I consider myself a health nut that is all too involved for me.
    I love the idea of this type of healing though I have never found a silver bullet that worked for me. I love to keep learning and gathering information though so thank you for this post.

    1. That is expensive honey. Why does everything have to be so difficult and precise? I'm interested in these things but don't become obsessed in trying to follow the regimen.

    2. jarah honey from western australia is a bit better than nz manuka and cheeper, it has the higher antibacterial and antimicrobial activity

    3. Manuka honey in my opinion is vile, it's not that expensive to get British raw honey (search for hilltop honey) - but I love this stuff, beautiful taste but not sure if it's British.



    4. By the way, a coffee grinder will do to powder the quills as and when you need them. Keep the honey in the fridge and try not to heat it. Keep the quills in a dark dry place. By doing that and only using a little each day it should last a long time and therefore keep the cost down.

  7. Great fan of Manuka honey,but cinnamon upsets my stomach.

    Ginger & honey are my favourites when under the weather.Ida

    1. Hi Ida,
      Yes, I've heard that ginger is definitely good for colds and fever. I add ginger and honey to lemon juice for those times. I bought Manuka honey once, but mostly rely on local honey.

  8. are there fake cinnamon made of sawdust?
    how to tell from the real one?


  9. If you can't get "local" raw organic honey. Here is a good online source I use:
    I find their costs reasonable and them reliable. Enjoy
    Verna M

  10. Seriously, folks ... do a little research before you buy these claims. ...

  11. Natural News is a conspiracy theory website promoting quack cures and medicine, as well as paranoia such as denial of the Sandy Hook shooting. Its author, Mike Adams, is also a racist birther and supporter of David Icke's reptilian aliens theory. If you use Natural News as a source, you lose your credibility instantly.

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