Tuesday, April 23, 2013

I'm In The Garden

Hello! I'm afraid I've been remiss in posting to my blog but I imagine you guessed where I am.

Now that we are having consistently warm days I'm trying to "make hay while the sun shines." In years past when I was still working, there was never enough time to do everything in the garden I wished to do. And perhaps I'm going a bit "crazy" this year.

In addition to all the cleanup, weed pulling, application of fresh mulch and the like, I've also undertaken the making of my much longed for white/night garden.

Here are some of the additions today:

Dwarf English Boxwood

Lots of white Impatients

Bocappa to be added tomorrow

Diamond Frost

Oak Leaf Hydranga

White Petuinas


Pots of English Lavender for accent


Succulents for accent and interest

Solar lights for when the moon isn't shining
Wow, I did so much today! I was outside fro 5:30 a.m. until the last light disappeared over the western horizon. I stopped for a quick trip to the store and for lunch and that was about the only time I sat down. To say I'm tired is the understatement of the year!

I will soon have plants started from seed, which will provide fragrance in the night garden. Germinating are moon flowers, white alyssum, nicotina and a few more that I'm so tired I can't recall just now. 

In a few weeks the plants will begin to fill out and by that time (hopefully) the white Deutzia bush, the Mock Oranges and White Jasmine will begin bloom. And with my glow-in-the-dark stones and pots I may never want to go inside.

I can hardly wait!

By the way, if you have received an e-mail with my name on it I DID NOT SEND IT. I learned today that my sister received an e-mail "from me" (NOT from me and NOT my correct e-mail address). The purpose was promoting some green coffee bean product for weight loss. It seems some individual has found my name and email address, perhaps through this blog, and commandeered it for inappropriate purposes. It's possible anyone who has ever commented on my blog received a similar e-mail.

I promise you that I would never send such emails to you! Have you heard of such things happening before? Has it ever happened to you? G-rrr.

I hope to be back to more frequent blog posting soon.


  1. Oh your garden must be looking fabulous Sanda. Love all your white blooms, and that is a very nice collection of cactus. Hope to see some pictures as it all develops.

    1. It's getting there! So much more to accomplish, however.

  2. Really looking forward to seeing the fruits of your labour in a few weeks time.
    I read another post where the blogger said her email had been used in the same way too.

    1. I'll show pictures once things "fill out" a bit more. Thanks for that tidbit of info; at least I know now I wasn't the only one whose account was misused.

  3. You are sure working hard in your garden but just imagine how beautiful the results will be. I await a view of the finished project. DH says though that a garden is never finished, always something to do out there.


    1. Always something to do. You do it, change your mind and redo it all again. Never a dull moment!

  4. That is one of the best places to be,especially when the sun is shining,all that fresh air after a long Winter,BLISS.
    Are you going to use the Boxes for topiary in the future,I have 2 round balls of Box
    in green pots which I use as sentinels at the door of the barn.My Hosta is just showing
    its tip in the pot,slugs love munching them do you find the same.You have a very interesting mix of flowers.

    Have heard of odd emails being received by social networks,but (touch wood) have never had a problem,I try to be careful about who I give my personal email address
    to,maybe easier to use 'hotmail' then stop it if a problem.
    I did have a very horrid experience on a UK social network with some women some years ago when they got hold of my tel.no.Urrrgh.........that was why I used 'Ida' when
    I first started to comment on blogs,having been around for 3yrs have started to use
    my own name (Ida never sounded right teee heeee)
    Am sure your's is only a glitch......enjoy your garden.Judith

    1. And I hope you are getting sunshine after a long winder.

      The dwarf boxwood are little round balls already and I will keep them trimmed that way. Will leave them in pots to scatter around. I love the dwarf boxwood!

      I am burying my hosta pots in the ground (bottoms cut out), as I'm told this is a good way to grow them. I have not had snail problems with hostas, but the moles seem to want to eat the roots some years.

      I have become so accustomed to you being Ida that I'm having to adjust to Judith!

      No more problems with bogus e-mails.

    2. Hi Judith! I have had no problem changing to your real name, since your comments make you sound close to my age, which the name Judith would imply. Ida sounds like one of my Great Aunt's. I think you should either write a blog or just have a place where we can read all of your terrific comments at once.

    3. Beryl, I too vote for Judith to start her own blog. It would be clever, witty and interesting!!

  5. i'm enjoying the updates on your garden. ah, that oakleaf hydrangea! lovely!

    1. Those oakleafs grow wild in the woods here, if you're lucky enough to find them before someone else does. They are such a gorgeous native plant.

  6. What a lovely choice of plants Sanda..
    I have been doing the same here this last week. Its all so overgrown.
    Your lights will add a touch of the romantic at night to show up the flowers.
    Its so fulfilling to be out and about in the garden.

    Thank you for letting me know about the e mail. I had the same happen to me but the e mails were about 50..mainly from friends and friends of friends.. on another site.
    another blogger friend had the same problem this week.
    Its the hackers.

    enjoyed your post.
    wishing you the rest of a happy week.

    1. There was rain yesterday and no garden time, but today and tomorrow look like good days to be out and about again. I am investigating the glow in the dark paint and am learning that people have had mixed results. Some report it doesn't glow at night at all. Such a disappointment. Perhaps I'll have to make do with the solar lights.

      Interesting about all these fake e-mails going around.

      Enjoy your garden, Val. You have some very interesting garden projects going!

  7. I enjoy gardens, but don't have green fingers so I let my mum garden while I take care of the indoor cleaning and organizing. When we're done we sip our coffee on the terrace enjoying the sight and fragrances of the flowers :-)

  8. Hi Anna, sometimes I "hate" Blogger. No results when I click on "reply" below your comment; instead wants me to "add comment" here.

    Interesting that you say "green fingers"; we say "green thumb." Sounds as if you and your mum have the division of duties worked out quite well to accommodate each of your needs and interests!

    Have a great day.

  9. Great post. Your garden looks just as pretty as these beautiful pictures. You have done so much and I am so glad you have a place for a shade garden. So much easier to work in come July and August. I love shade gardening and it's a good thing I do!! Everything is looking wonderful and I can't wait until all these seeds start blooming! Just wish I had the combination sun/shade space like you have.

    1. Many thanks to you for supplying me with so many hostas and hellebore for my new shade garden. It is an exciting time of the year when everything is bursting forth. I'll be SO glad when the weather warms up. Of course, I'm going toregret saying that in July when it's 95 in the shade.

  10. Hi Sanda - You have been in your garden all week. and I have been in Savannah. So I'm glad I wasn't missing any posts. I have received a bogus email supposing to be from everyone I have ever corresponded with. Some I haven't heard from since being in Tulsa, so I get excited and then find it's just a link to some website - spam! I just assumed that my friends are getting similar email from me.
    I love your miniature boxwoods in those huge clay pots - so beautiful. And such a lot of things you've started from seeds. So much fun to plant seeds and see them peek out of the little pots.

    1. Lucky you. Savannah is such a fascinating place. Enjoy every moment of it.

      There's a lot of spam going around. I did not receive such an email as you descried above from you.

      Love dwarf boxwood. Great for pots because they are such slow growers. I admit to having a weakness for seeds. They are so cheap and I always buy lots -- more than I can plant.


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