Thursday, May 30, 2013

Seven Creative Uses for Chalk

I know Thursdays are supposed to be devoted to teatime, but I’ve had to postpone social activities temporarily. What with all the time spent in the garden, some inside chores have “gone begging,” including pressing clothes and the dreaded ironing of cottons.
Credit: commons.wikimedia
Today I’m getting caught up inside and might even have time to iron the tea towels in preparation for our next tea gathering. I’m thinking we should have a late afternoon/early evening event in the gazebo, where I’ll show you my new LED string lights strung around the gazebo's perimeter. Quite lovely if I do say so myself!


Meanwhile, I want to talk about chalk. Yep, the kind you used on the blackboard and on sidewalks when you were a kid.

I’ve been searching for chalk in the paper/school supplies sections of various stores. I had begun to think they don’t make the stuff any more, and realized yesterday I’ve been looking in the wrong department. It’s to be found in the Toy Department, and it caught my eye in Walmart because it was included in a center isle display highlighting summertime activities for children.

You may wonder why I need chalk? It seems I’m going through a DIY creative phase (thanks to Pinterest!) and I have a clay flowerpot project in mind which requires chalk. But that’s another post – when (if) I get around to it!

Robert Browning via

I’m sometimes reminded of these words of Robert Browning:
 “Ah, but a man's (or woman’s) reach should exceed his grasp,”
 (from Men and Women and Other Poems),
 each time I go off on a tangent with some new project.

I bought the chalk, which includes several colors, although I only wanted white. So now I have all this chalk and what else to do with it -- other than my flowerpot project.

So here I give you what I've learned about some other ways chalk is useful around the house; definitely going to try these:

Removes Stains
Rub chalk on nasty grease stains on your clothing and the chalk will absorb the oil. Sometimes you have to rub it on more than once for the stain to be removed. The dust helps absorb the oils, making the stain easier to clean.

Stops Tarnish
Wrap chalk in cheesecloth and store with silverware or jewelry to absorb excess moisture, which causes tarnishing.

Steady a Screwdriver
Rub chalk over the handle of a non-rubber screwdriver to prevent slipping.

Keeps Ants Away
If ants are trotting into your house, draw chalk lines around their entry points. Many chalks contain calcium carbonate, which repels ants.

Hides Cracks
Cover hairline cracks and watermarks on walls and ceilings as a temporary fix until you’re ready to paint.

Prevents Rusting
Put a few pieces of chalk in your toolbox and it will get rid of moisture, preventing your tools from rusting.

Create Texture in Art Projects
Place thin paper over a unique texture. Rub paper with chalk so that the texture of the object appears. (This may be of interest to Darla at her Bay Side to Mountain Side blog, since she is very involved in numerous art projects. if I don't get around to my chalk flowerpot project I have other ways to use my chalk stash.

Wow, who knew?


  1. Strange I know, but I like ironing. Interested to see what you are going to use chalk for. I'm going to try it on grease spots as your list suggests.


    1. I don't mind ironing so bad when I get started. But I have a way of just putting it off until it gets stacked up!

  2. Thank you Sanda - you always have extra useful tips how to use simple stuff " to freshen up temporarily/ forever our household defects!
    I have indeed used chalk to hide holes in the wall ( changing our paintings ). Never heard the ant- tips. I´ll try it, as we get those small black " sugar ants " sometimes in plurals.

    I have not used an iron for the past three months, as I lacked one. Now that I finally have a brand new one, I am too lazy to use it - blaah.
    P.S. I used to iron even my hb´s socks ; ).

    1. Your family must enjoy the 'rumpled' look in clothes,well it adds a certain quirkiness to them,huh.

    2. I find if I get the clothes from the dryer immediately upon cycle completion they get no wrinkles. I don't like/wear wrinkled clothes; just put them aside and wear something else until the iron hits them!

  3. Ironing is my favourite chore,what's not to like,radio playing make many plans while 'dashing away with the smoothing iron' anyone remember that song? Have never ironed non essentials,like bed linen,tea cloths,socks... ...that would be too much,sorry.

    Have never seen chalk since my school days,but sounds handy to have around,so will visit a toyshop...if they still have them around.

    1. I don't remember a song with the line you mention but agree ironing isn't THAT bad but I like to have all other chores completed before I drag out the ironing board!

  4. Interesting uses for chalk - things I never thought of. I'm excited about your DIY project on the flowerpots. Can't wait for the rest of this story!

    1. Stay tuned. I wonder if chalk will work on fire ants the same as the household ants?


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