Tuesday, September 9, 2014

Word Annoyances

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I don't know about you, but some words and phrases are so overused I cringe when I hear them. Words that don't mean anything in the context of their usage; words that stall for time; words that indicate the speaker is uninformed on the subject at hand. Laziness, conversationally speaking. 

This is not a complete list. Other lists abound, but here are some of the expressions and utterances I hear and read that are trite and overused and personally annoy me:

Whatever - a conversation killer.

Like - a perfectly good word when used properly, as in "I like apples," but most annonying when inserted into sentences constantly, as in "I, like, drove to the mall today and, like, the traffic was, like, horrible."

You Know - same usage pattern as "like" above.

Seriously? - of course I'm serious. Why else would I say it?

At the end of the day - this is probably the one I'm most tired of. A favorite of politicians stalling for time to provide answers to questions asked of them. 

Totally - what can I say about this one?  Reminds me of bouncy teenage girls effusing about anything/everything. 

Cool - can't you think of a better response?

Awesome - see "cool" above. 

Just 'sayin - slang that was fine for a while but has become much overused. 

That's my list. I know I've failed to include many so please add your favorites in the comments below. 


  1. I'll add one
    "Have a nice day" Said by rote.


    1. You've added a good one, Darla. Awfully tired of hearing that!

  2. I'm pretty hard to annoy conversationally as long as correct English grammar is being used. "Could have went" just makes me sad.

    1. Seems incorrect grammar is everywhere; "we was, there for their," ugh.

  3. I miss "You're welcome" in response to "Thank you." "No problem" is getting old.

    1. Gosh, I despise the no problem response as well!

  4. Sanda, I can´t believe this!?? How can this be possible?
    I have also, about the same time written a list of useless Finnish words on my Finnish Facebook site!!! My list is v e r y long and I add words to it when I come across/ hear a stupid, overused word / expression.

    Adding English words to the list you started is a bit more difficult for me.
    Love it! to be followed by Hate it!, 24/7, 365, terrific, fantastic, OK, wee, to analyze...

    1. What a coincidence! My list is somewhat long as well. I don't mind OK so much, unless someone starts a sentence with it; same for beginning a sentence with "so."

  5. Mmmm.here goes, some of us Brits.tend to be over effusive in our daily life,I use fab=fabulous,sorry Mette, love it plus others are in daily usage :).
    "Kids words" cool,awsome,dislike "you know" have heard both Princes William/Harry use that term!! Same as Darla rote words,prefer a plain thank you to you are welcome that has suddenly appeared on the scene!

    1. It's funny how the current "in" expressions have been around so long. For instance, "cool," popular in the '60s. Stalling for time conversationally with "like" is pretty old and tired as well.

  6. Oh yes, Sanda, all these words are over and incorrectly used, to my irritation too. A strange one which has arisen, at least in Australia, is the response "yeah/no" in conversation. It is often seen in television interviews, particularly with sports persons. Perhaps they are avoiding making a decision either way!

  7. yup - heaven knows!! answering a question- yup..then the conversation ends.
    people who use "Whatever"- dont understand them..what do they mean. Its awful.
    There are also the hand gestures.. two fingers for victory.. but used in the context of "good" no words used.
    I use the word cool, as my children started to use it and said i was out of touch.. dont use it now..they are grown up..but my grandchildren do.
    I blame this on the teaching in schools.
    I was with someone a while back, that used f as in finking for thinking.. !!! not even a speech defect -eferefink - for everything.. unbelievable Sanda.
    Its so wonderful to hear someone speak correct English. Even if its with an American accent.
    Nice post.
    val xxx I am catching up.. late , but getting there.. busy summer.

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  9. I'm pretty hard to annoy conversationally as long as correct English grammar is being used.
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