Tuesday, March 27, 2012

More Night Skies and Newborn Kittens

The past two afternoons and evenings have been busy ones. Since the weather is so nice, I've spent my time tidying up the yard. So many chores! Weeding, refreshing the flower beds with mulch, potting up a few things---endless but enjoyable chores. Tonight, as well as the past two, have been spent on the deck with cameras, to capture the last night of the conjunction of the moon, Jupiter and Venus. The people who know about these things say it won't happen again for 450 years.

I am amazed at the high quality of photographs you can get without a telescope. So I'm posting two pictures from tonight. It was a bit hazy but I think that gives a nice, if different effect.

Sox the cat had her kitties last night. I knew as soon as I saw her this morning that she was a new mother. This afternoon I went searching for her nest and found the kittens in a large box in the barn.  I cannot tell how many babies there are. I saw two but didn't want to disturb her and the little ones  to find out for fear she would go moving them if I touched the kittens. One was dead, at the edge of the box and no way to tell if it was born that way and she moved it aside, or if it crawled there and couldn't find its way back. Poor little creature.

I will investigate further to find out how many kittens there are. Perhaps if she isn't with the kittens sometime I can shine a light into the box and see the babies. I will eventually have pictures here.

Busy days ahead, but rain is predicted the next three days so maybe I'll get caught up with my blogging, reading and other activities while indoors.


  1. It's nice you enjoy gardening. I am surprised at how rewarding it is. I can hardly wait for every new bud to open.
    When my youngest brother was a teenager, he bred Labs and the saddest thing in the world is seeing the new mother nudge one that didn't make it to the edge of the blanket. Breaks my heart. But then she would go back to all the squirming little bundles that were so full of life.

    1. I do love gardening! Such satisfying work. But when it gets 95 degrees outside I'm ready to be inside! Nature it cruel at times, isn't it?

  2. Naturally all my interest is in the kittens now. Oh, how sad about the one that did not make it..
    I know, that it is the law of the nature, the strongest ones are to survive.
    Can´t help feeling so sorry .

    1. I am so tender-hearted about all animals. Can't stand to hear a news story where animals are victims. I love all of them.


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