Saturday, March 31, 2012

Morning Mist, Evening Hail

The weather never gets boring. The day started out with fog hanging around until mid-morning.

The sun finally peeped out from above the mist and it was a great day for garden chores, even though the weatherman had said rain. I got hot very quickly and changed from long sleeves to a cooler shirt. Here I am taking a short rest. Kris never misses an opportunity:

What we didn't expect was a severe hailstorm. Large hail. It sounded as if someone were firing guns at our rooftop. I have never been the recipient of hail this large. The pieces  were the size of a small ice cube. I have heard of hail the size of baseballs. I should think hail that large could cause serious injury if struck by it.

Compare the size of the hail to the nickle lying alongside.

This was the largest piece we found

We lost leaves from some trees, but nothing too serious and in the woods an old tree fell. Hit by wind, I imagine, or could the hail have caused that? The wind did not actually blow very hard but we got tons of rain.

A quick walk though the back to survey any damage to plants/flowers revealed none. However, there was one casualty:

I've had this gazing ball at least 15 years. Guess I'll be looking for a new one!

My dogs were alarmed at the sound of the hail hitting the roof, but they were safe and dry inside. I worried about Sox and wondered if she was frightened by the sound of hail on the barn's tin roof. I checked later and mother and babies were fine. We discovered today she doesn't like to leave the barn to come to the house to eat. So we have now placed her food, milk and water bowls just outside the box so she can be near her precious babies. She seems to be such a good little mother.

How was your weather today?


  1. "Morning Mist, Evening Hail" - such an intriguing title. No hail here but was the recipient of same a few weeks ago. Never know what the day will bring do we? Hope Sox and babies weren't too scared from the noise. Great pictures for the insurance company if there is damage to roof.

    1. We were lucky to not get any more damage than we did. But whether it damaged the roof remains to be seen!

  2. Wow the size of golf balls glad you were all safe inside.
    The weather was cold and misty here all day Saturday,today the sun is out but chilly in the shade...still time for snow for Easter!!

    Trust your Sunday is going well. Ida

    1. Snow on Easter would be a surprise! I don't recall we've ever had snow in April, but with the weird weather of late, anything can happen!

  3. I have never seen hails that large! And out from the blue?
    It must have been terribly exciting.
    Good, that the furry ones were safely inside.
    It made me smile, when you wrote about Kris taking advantage of your small brake. Morty is alike. He never seems to get enough of patting and scratching, when my hands are free.
    The first picture is beautiful, oh my..
    You asked about the weather. Well, naturally it is snowing - again ; )-

    1. Our dogs love that attention, don't they? Hope the snow melts away soon so you can wear your beautiful new linen drersses!


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