Sunday, April 1, 2012

This and That

The post below is not at all what I planned for today, but I'll get to that tomorrow. I wanted to write a little story about two ladies in the community, one of whom died two days ago at the age of 93. I attended her visitation at the funeral home today. To do the post, I have to scan photos and I literally don't have time for that tonight. Too many gardening chores! To much to do inside!

Instead, I will share a few photos I shot today while outside. It was very hot and humid  but so very nice to be in the garden again.

The tree that came down during the hailstorm yesterday. It's some type of willow -- a very old tree. The trunk is hollow and rotten so it would have fallen sooner or later.

My concrete bunny with a type of moss growing around it.

I believe I may get a small crop of blueberries this year from my four bushes.

A Viburnum variety with white flowers.Those are the flowers behind the leaves. They are white and I am not sure why they look pink/green in this photo!

"Cranberry bush," another type of Viburnum. Slightly fragrant with huge white flowers. In the fall, it produces a red berry that the birds love. My father-in-law used to make jam from the berries.

I hope everyone had a very nice weekend. Did anyone play an April Fool joke on you? I will have to look up how this April Fool business started. I'm sure there's an interesting story behind it! 


  1. No April Fool's day here was caught out often as a child + caught others' out!!

    Also have 4 blueberry bushes had to uproot them for our move they are showing signs of flowering,your's are much further on,also the rabbits nibbled at them til we put wires round them.

    I enjoy sharing your garden. Ida

    1. The wire cages around the bushes are a marvelous idea. Not sure if rabbits or birds ate the few I had last year. Ida, I have tried to find your blog. If you have one, please reply here. Would love to visit it!

  2. Sanda and Ida, you are lucky to have all that green for such a long time of the year.
    All I see, is white all around me.
    But things could be worse. Wondering, how it would feel to live in e.g. Iceland..

    1. The blueberry blossoms are so pretty and you get double mileage from the plant - the pretty bloom and then the fruit. I also enjoy your garden stories. Kinda sad to see that last ole willow tree go away after all these years.

    2. Mette, I hope you begin to see green soon there in Finland.
      Edith, there were several willows in the beginning. Sad to see each one go.

  3. I have always liked April Fool's Day, but only the sweet silly part. I didn't feel like I knew anyone well enough since moving here less than a week ago to play any of my tricks. But maybe next year!
    I love the little bunny sitting in the garden.


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