Thursday, April 12, 2012

Sorry, But I Couldn't Resist...

I know I posted on the kittens yesterday, but I have better pictures today and just couldn't keep from using them here tonight. I may seemed obsessed with these kitties, and after all I am a DOG person. But this happens to be the first time I've had kittens born around me. So, you get the idea. And I do love all animals. I just have to be careful that my two beautiful dogs don't get too jealous. Fortunately, they don't know yet the kittens exist. Not sure how we'll work all that out. As they say, one day at the time.

Sweet, sweet. She appeared to sleeping as the kittens were nursing

"What's this? A flashlight? I've never seen one of these before!"
That crib where everyone is living is pretty dirty so I took an old sheet to spread down and sit on during my visits there. I don't think anyone has entered behind this door in years and years. I hate that Sox has to bring up her litter in such an unclean place. We made her a nice, clean home for the kittens but no, she moved them so she'll just have to deal with it!

"Keeping my eyes on six babies is a challenge"

In the Sunroom

I love garden seeds. Sometimes I think I like buying them more than I like planting them. I have quite an accumulation this year. Will I get all them planted? Probably not, but the packages are colorful to look at!

As I was cleaning, by husband came in and did a broom trick. Cute, no? Too bad he can't make it sweep the floor!

The sunroom looks quite bare not that I've moved the large pots outside. I pot my gardenias and move them here for the winter, but outside they went a couple of weeks ago. We had a light frost last night but gardenias can take that. However, I may have lost a tomato plant or two, even though I covered them with upside down clay pots.

These are the only plants left in the sunroom. Aloe Vera, gardenias I rooted last summer, basil potted up a few weeks ago and a coffee plant at the right. The red is a little bouquet pepper plant which has died and the peppers are ready to pick and use.

And just so the dogs don't feel ignored (as if they EVER are), here's


And Kris


  1. Luckily this post has animals in it. I can share my empathy + sympathy with you on animals, but hardly with plants.
    I can " feel " your wish to hold the babies!
    I still remember how w o n d e r f u l it was to hold a puppy on my lap, when I was a small girl. The smell of the small dog - heavenly!
    Your boys look really handsome. I have forgotten their ages..
    Looking at them, brings back some sorrow, as our Hovawart, Boris, slept away only last September. We used to have two dogs too.

    1. Hi Mette, both are Goldens are rescues, but based on the vet's estimate of their age when we got them, Valerie (darker red) is about 5; Kris about 4.

  2. I agree about how fun it is to buy those seed packets! This is the first year I have had any luck with them though. Your sunroom looks like such a pleasant place. And thanks for the new kitty pictures - so cute!

    1. Those kittens are walking now and every time I enter their "home" all six "hiss" at me! I try to handle them as much as possible and Sox seems OK with that now. You sure you don't want to come to Alabama and pick one up?

  3. Love it all. Those are the sweetest baby cats I've ever seen.
    Love Val and Kris too.

    1. Kittens getting cuter every day! Val and Kris love you too!


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