Wednesday, April 11, 2012

Six Little Kitties

Sox moved the kittens yesterday. I suppose she decided she didn’t like the new house after all. It was panic time when my sister discovered them missing. We could only hope she had indeed moved them; we feared the worst: dogs, coyotes, hawks.

However, they were found in a small back room of the barn – the old corn crib. I shined a light in late yesterday and confirmed they were there after Sox came out by leaping over the not-to-the-ceiling-wall when I called her.
Late this afternoon I went in and visited them. I hope she doesn’t move them again, as I picked each and every one up. Our cousin Henrietta convinced us today that we must start handling them while they are young or else they would become feral cats and never let usgo near them.

They are so cute and fat. Not completely standing up, but moving around nevertheless.

I’m sure Sox feels she has moved them to a more protected area (she didn’t realize there’s a door to the crib by which we humans can enter, I’m sure!)

I shot a few (bad) pictures. It was completely dark in that little room and I had to point and shoot in the dark and hope for the best. Included below are few, as promised earlier. Hope I can get better pictures soon.

Now we have to think up six cute little names for them. Cats I’ve owned in the past were named Fibber, Black Kitty, Pumpkin and Bob-Tail-Tom-Cat.

What will we do with all of them? Would be really fun to keep them, but should anyone want one we’ll be glad to send them to a good home. Soon as they are weaned we’ll have to get Sox fixed so she won’t have another litter in a few months. Of course, if we keep six kittens we’ll also have to get them fixed as well. Maybe some veterinarian will give us a quantity discount!

Do you have any name suggestions for our kittens?


  1. Guess I'll have to Google "corn crib", since that's not a term I'm familiar with. Cute story about my mother, that I can't use on my blog, since she might not think it's as cute as everyone else does. She had the same problem with getting all the cats fixed in time, and she ended up having 13 cats to take to the vet all at once. When she picked them up, my little brother told her that one of the cats wasn't ours. She had mistakenly fixed the neighbor's cat, and missed one of hers. Luckily the neighbor was glad to have saved the money fixing his cat.

    1. Beryl, that's a hoot about your mother and her cats! Yes, corn crib is a term those not raised up on a farm could easily not understand. I'm not sure corn was ever stored in the one at my mother and daddy's barn. Was primarily used for storage of tools, etc.

  2. Simply darlings, the small kittens!
    Name suggestions.
    Why not let the new owner give the name her/ himself!
    You could use the front part, like e.g. Sox - Bella..etc.
    Or, if you wish to name them yourself, and since this is the first series of kittens by Sox, choose names, all starting with A...???

    1. Mette, I'm sure the new owners, if we find some, will rename them. There are just so many in our litter I thought we'd begin distinguishing one from the other. Or perhaps it because I secretely want to keep them all!

  3. Sanda, those kitties are so cute!! I would love to have 2 but my husband is not easily convinced. Loved your pix of Easter dinner. My garden's planted except for Okra - gotta have fried okra!

  4. Oh Areeda, I hope you can convince him you need a kitten or two. They are growing like weeds and so cute! Did you get that okra planted?


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