Monday, January 20, 2014

Embarrassing Moments

We've all experienced those times when we did or said something stupid and wished the ground would open up and swallow us.

Walking out of a bathroom in a public place, looking down and seeing you’re dragging a piece or tissue with your shoe – or worse yet, your skirt tucked into your underwear. 

Sheer humiliation.

Or how about admiring photos of young children display in an older man’s office and innocently asking if those are his grandchildren, only to be corrected in a stern manner that those are HIS children. Oops! Lesson here: never ask such a question.

Then there are some things from long, long ago that caused you embarrassment or humiliation, things you should have long since forgotten and yet they are burned into your memory. The incidents in your young life that aren't important at all now. But at the time, you thought you’d die from the pain!

One such thing has remained in my mind after all these years.

I was 16 and had begun my sophomore year at a new high school. Of course, at that age, one of the first things a girl might notice is the cute-factor of the boys in her classes.

There was one boy I picked out as the one I wanted to know. He was blonde, cute, a football player and had the dreamiest blue eyes ever. Time passed and we talked a few times and he seemed interested in me as well.

Finally, the day came when he asked me for a Saturday night date to go to the drive-in movies. We were to “double date” with another couple.

Now my parents were quite strict about my curfew. 11 p.m. No exceptions.
The movie was not in my town, but in a larger one about 25 miles away. As the magic hour was creeping up I became nervous, knowing full well I needed to say I must get home. But I was a rather shy girl, and I dreaded having to spoil the evening for the others because the movie was not finished.

So I let it ride, but dreading the moment I arrived home, hoping my parents wouldn’t be awake and know.

I should have known better, though, because my mother always waited up for me.

It was about 11:30 when we arrived home. Just as we were emerging from the car, I heard the front door open and there stood both my parents.

It was not pleasant. They were not “ugly” to my date, but their harsh words were directed at me for being late.

My date hurriedly said goodnight and left.

But that wasn’t the end of the story.

At school on Monday morning, as students were congregating in the hallways, slamming locker doors, laughing and talking about their weekends, a group of boys – friends of my Saturday date – walked by me and started singing the lyrics to the song, “Wolverton Mountain,” which was a popular hit of the day.

Nothing was said – just those friends of his singing these lyrics with a large grin on their faces.

YouTube video
I could have died. When you play the video you'll know why!

Looking back on that incident now, it seems so small and insignificant. But at the time it was major. That boy never asked me out on a date again.

This guy still lives in my community. I have not seen him in years, but have seen him on Facebook and have thought I should send him a message and ask if he remembers the incident.

And of course he doesn’t! And even if he did we’d both have a good laugh.

But just the same, I think I’ll just lie low and let the past stay in the past.

Do you still remember embarrassing moments from your past?


  1. Any embarrassment both during the teen years and in front of a boy you were interested in is a double embarrassment.

    Trip to the ER as a young woman with a knitting needle embedded in my leg from a clumsy freak accident where I fell on a bag with a small gauge needle sticking out of it. It was embedded very deeply at an angle and I couldn't get it out once my muscles contracted around it. While waiting for the doctor, every nurse came into the room to "get supplies" and ask me how it happened. One elderly volunteer patted me on the arm and said "Honey, that's just taking knitting a little too far" and walked off laughing. Just reminded myself I would hopefully never see these people again.

    1. So true, Patricia.
      Ouch! Your accident must have been quite painful, Things that were so embarrassing back then seem sort of funny to us now. Did the accident "cure" you of your knitting habit, or did you continue?

    2. Still knitting, just more carefully ;)

  2. I can guess where you got your inspiration for this post, Sanda! I couldn't get the video to play (my computer/impatience) but looked up the lyrics. Yes, embarrassing. But possibly embarrassing for him as well, even though their rath wasn't directed at him. Still, I wonder if you weren't better off - high school footballers tend to 'peak' early I think! There are tons of embarrassing moments from my youth. I try not to relive them too often!

    1. Yes, the guys who were so "good looking" in high school DID peak early I don't recall many of mine either, but this one has always stayed with me!

  3. Haven't heard that song for years! When I read your post and saw the name Wolverton Mountain, I remembered the tune immediately, but not the words. But as soon as the clip started I knew every one. Old memories really are set in stone in our minds, like your embarrassing incident. I can think of quite a few from the same era. Once I reconciled with a boy I'd dated some months earlier, and as we left the house on our date, my six year old little sister called out, loud and clear 'I thought she dropped him!". Red faces all round that night...

    1. Leave it to little sisters! I'm sure my own sister could recount many incidents in which I humiliated her in front of her friends.

  4. Oh dear, embarrassment during teen years is the worst isn't it? I've had lots of moments to recall with a blush. For example, I was a majorette in high school, in the days when the band paraded down main street several times a year. I think I dropped my baton at least once every time... and it rolled under a parked car... and I had to retrieve it... and have you ever seen a majorette with dirty knees??? Of course the parade continued.. as did I.


    1. But what else could you do??

      Only the prettiest girls in my high school got to be majorettes! So you must have been quite something (and still are, IMO)!

  5. Funny now but not then!!!! I had some similar incidents with them. They were very experienced with flipping the porch light. Think you should send FB request to "him".

    1. HAHAHA. At least we have common memories. No, I don't believe I'll sent that request.

  6. A great post Sanda. How i can relate to this.
    I love "Wolverton Mountain".. I loved and still love Bobby Darin who also sang it.
    Oh. gosh. Yes, I remember an incident. I was in my early 20's not long married. A group of us used to get together on a Friday night and go to the city. At that time we lived about an hour away. It was always my night for dressing up with a new dress and being able to enjoy quality time with hubby and friends. We were in this really smart hotel. We used to like to go there. I excused myself to go to the ladies room. Tittivating myself up.. i returned to the group. Sat down and saw them all gigelling .. I asked them what was so funny. Can you believe- They had let me sit down with my skirt tucked into my ""... I went red with embarasment. I never forgot that. I can think of one other. I was walking down the city street and saw a familiar face (so i thought).. I walked over to the girl and said. "Hi. how are you, gosh,I haven't seen you in some years"-she duly looked at me and said. "Sorry, I think you have the wrong person"
    We are the same generation Sanda.
    send him an fb request.. if only for a good laugh.
    By the way. 11pm was my curfue time. It was my dad who waited up.
    enjoyed this. It provoked old memories for me.
    Have a wonderful Wed. Val x x x x

    1. Oh boy, I know that was embarrassing! Never did that one, but have done the tissue trail one. Old memories are sometimes the best memories, even if we were humiliated at the time!

  7. Going to an all girls school no chance to mix with boys,the nuns made sure of that.Never heard that song before,enjoyed humming along to it.

    1. Being in an all-girls school would definitely cut down on the stress levels of teenage girls! A good thing, I think.

  8. Oh Sanda, I must have an odd sense of humor. I let words out of my mouth all the time, things that others just don´t understand.
    Just on Wednesday I used an expression used in northern Finland addressing a man. He got it all wrong.
    My intention was to say something like - you wish to be friends with me?
    He understood it as me asking would he like to have an affair with me.
    Mind you, he must be over 10 years younger than me.
    Gosh, did I blush. Though I explained and apologized, I am yet hiding in the bush. Help!

    1. Oh dear; that must have been quite a moment for you. I'm sure he understood your explanation, so no harm done! But each time you remember back, you yourself will likely be embarrassed all over again. I imagine you won't make that mistake twice!!


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