Saturday, January 4, 2014

Moving Up in the World

It had to happen, knowing me and the way I am about pets.
Front to back, Myrtle, Murtie, Carl
They were born in the barn almost two years ago. There they lived there until cold weather set in at the end of 2012, at which time I moved them to the car garage. They would be warmer and it would be more convenient to look after them.

The three kitties were quite contented in the garage, but in late summer of this year I decided to move them into the conservatory, where they would be closer still, with a small electric heater to keep them warm on cold winter nights.

What's up, guys?
And then…..About two weeks ago I decided they should move inside – to be a part of the family.

I must say they have adjusted quite well. And the dogs, for the most part, are accepting of them.

Murtie, Myrtle and Carl. They are now "mostly" in the basement and have a room of their own. They have wandered up to the main floor but don't stay long. 

Their room in the basement is the same little room where I placed them in the summer of 2012, to recover from their surgeries, when they were five months old. They were quite naughty little kitties back then and wrecked the room. You may recall I posted a photo at the time; see it here.

Of course there were five of them back then. Two mysteriously disappeared one weekend more than a year ago. We were very sad.

But the three remaining kitties are all grown up now and not at all naughty, although curious.

Carl checking our the mysteries of the washing machine.

Carl and Murtie trying to help with a repair being made in the family room ceiling.
I will still allow them to go outside at intervals during the day -- if they want to.

The only one unhappy about this new arrangement is the kitties' Mommy, Sox.
But she, too, will adjust.
What accommodations do you make for your pets?


  1. Yes, it just had to happen : )!
    Well, after Marla moved to live on her own, Morty has taken the liberty of climbing upstairs to say good morning and good night in the evening.
    Never before, had he the interest coming up.
    This means a bit more floor cleaning for me, but we just can´t forbid him his hellos.
    Neither can I control his nightly activities downstairs. He hasn´t yet figured out, which wicker chair he likes best, so all six get sat on.
    Actually Morty has very little rules as he is happy kind by nature and I am too soft in setting any rules ; )

    1. So like pets -- to sense when there's been a change of routine and they test the waters. I know what you mean about more cleaning. My dogs SHED and floors need cleaning EVERY day. All their "horseing around" inside makes matters worse. Dust everywhere. But I deal with it. Now with four cats inside, I'm sure my work is going to be increased. Food bowls to fill, boxes to change, opening doors for all the in and out activity. But our pets are so worth all the trouble/work they cause us!

  2. Oh yes, I remember when the kittens went on that rampage, so funny :) But now they are very well-behaved indeed, and stay where they are told. I'm sure they appreciate the luxury of life indoors away from the cold of winter outside. They are beautiful cats, and obviously well-loved Sanda. Why is Sox unhappy about it?

    1. I hope they appreciate being inside; I think they do. They are beginning to be a little bold about exploring their new surroundings and I'm sure I was only dreaming when I said they were going to live in the basement! Perhaps in a few weeks/months, the dogs and cats will pile up together to sleep!

    2. Hi Patricia, just realized I didn't answer your question of why Sox doesn't like her children. I haven't the slightest idea, unless she is jealous of them. She was the best and most attentive mother when she was nursing them. And it took FOREVER for them to be weaned. And as soon as that happened she began hissing and batting them. I think she may have been afraid they were going to start tugging on her again. All this was while they were all still outdoor cats so her jealousy hasn't just started since I brought her offspring inside.

  3. They have just sneaked their way into your heart! I'm sure they appreciate being warm in these winter months. You have lots of furry company.


    1. They certainly have! Having them inside makes it easier in some ways, in that I'm not in and out checking on food bowls, etc. Lots of furry company indeed!

  4. The one rule Oska must obey is no climbing stairs,having a long back the spine can be damaged by climbing,he did run up at first,having an open plan house HB made a gate to prevent this.Hopefully he will learn not to!!!

    Am mulling over whether to have him neutered (nothing to do with stair climbing) HB is against it,the vet thinks we should,any thoughts on this
    would be appreciated.

    1. My hb would agree with your HB ( = men ). All our dogs have been males. Neutering was seriously never considered, though we had two males at a time, even of different breeds.
      I do think that neutering will change the dog´s personality somewhat, he will gain weight more easily, and if he is not aggressive at all, I´d forget the procedure.

    2. Judith: hope Oska can be kept off the stairs. Re the neutering question, I am in favor of it, in all cases unless the male is to be used for breeding. I just think neutering/spaying makes for a more contented and loving animal. I believe all vets agree with this. Every pet I've ever owned, both male/female, have been "fixed."

      Of course, as Mette said, it increases the potential for weight gain, but that can be controlled with diet.

    3. Sanda/Mette, thank you for your thoughts on this will have to mull over.

  5. Like see you there! said, they just sneaked into your heart <3 It happens more often than people expect.
    The three kitties look happy and well taken care of (the shiny thick fur is always a great indicator)
    My Rufus has some house rules: he's not allowed outdoors, unless we put him on a leash when we're at my mum's place and he can't walk on the kitchen counters or table. He's got his own places to sleep but he can sleep on the bed whenever he wants to. So all in all pretty spoiled!

    1. The kitties are quite well taken care of!. How on Earth did you teach your cat not to jump on tables/counters. Sox is guilty of this. Would like to see Rufus on your blog; it's been a while and I've forgotten what he looks like.

    2. Sanda you're right, I haven't included Rufus into a post in ages, will remedy it in the near future. Though being completely black it's very hard to see any changes. He must secretly be drinking from the fountain of youth or some such thing because he looks like he hasn't aged at all!
      As for the now counter training, when he was a kitten we'd use loud angry voice and stomp our feet whenever he did something bad and reward good behaviour with treats, extra play or cuddle time.

  6. What a delightful post Sanda.
    I love cats. When i was younger, we always had a cat with our dogs.
    Then came a time when i started again, with just dogs. Now I have 4.
    I fear, that if i bring a cat into the home, the dogs would or might kill it.
    i have thought about it.
    Your kitties sound very happy and content.
    I could not have a pet if it was not beside me.
    All my 4 dogs and my doggies before that have always been in the house.
    3 sleep at the foot of my bed. Not always but most nights. They are a comfort to me, and such great companions.
    very nice post Sanda. Your little family are so cute.
    val xxxx

    1. My dogs have adjusted to the cats better than I thought they would. It takes time and supervision, but if you want a cat then you should give it a try again. Nothing like doggies and kitties for cozy company and warm love!

  7. Love this post as these kitties are very special to me also. They are beautiful, well mannered and so intelligent. I don't blame you one bit...I'd have them inside too. Great pictures.

    1. I know that you love them as much as I do. I'm taking very good care of them for us. When warm weather arrives I'm sure they'll stay outdoors more, but I like having them in while it's so cold.


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