Monday, March 10, 2014

Morning Dreams

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 After waking up at 3 a.m. and wandering around the house a few hours, I finally went back to bed at 7. It was a light sleep and when I finally opened my eyes two hours later I thought I hadn’t slept at all. A few seconds later, however, the dream came to me vividly.

I received a phone call from a friend, who asked that I meet her at a designated location.  I told her I couldn’t, that I was still in my nightclothes and hadn’t brushed my hair or teeth. She insisted, said it was quite important and that I should leave immediately. I said I would.

I met her, thinking we would sit in my car so I could find out what was on her mind. Instead, she urged me to walk with her down a hill to a picnic table where a large number of people had gathered. I asked her if she knew all these people would be there. She said she did.

I became angry with her, told her she had tricked me and turned on my heel to walk away.

I somehow ended up in a large hotel room, where many other people seemed to be having a party.  Suddenly, there was granddaughter Katie and her mom. I immediately reached for the baby but she was a bit fussy and I tried several ways to pacify her. I finally lay down on the floor and placed her on my chest, all the while noticing how dirty the floor was.

I got up, Baby Katie on my hip, and opened the bathroom door. There inside, instead of a toilet seat, was a beehive with thousands of honey bees swarming all around. Starring up at me from the floor were two of the strangest looking cats I’d ever seen, but the bees didn’t seem to be bothering them.

I quickly closed the door and someone walked over and explained that the owner was trying to find a home for the cats.

Meanwhile I handed Katie back to her mom and gathered my bag to leave. For some reason I had removed my jewelry and placed it on a shelf.  As I retrieved it I noticed a glass jar containing all of my friend’s jewelry as well.

I took the jar and set off in search for her. I found her back at the picnic table having a grand time with her friends. I handed her the jewelry, turned and walked away without a word.

The last of the dream I remember was angrily driving away.


Those skilled and knowledgeable in the field of psychology tell us that our subconscious minds never rest, and that dreams are the conscious mind’s way of working out things and solving problems. Dreams are not to be literally interpreted but each symbol stands for something else.

Some dreams are vague and cannot be remembered and/or pieced together when we are awake. Others are so vivid that it feels you actually lived it. This dream falls into the latter category.

I wonder what it means, or if I should just forget it.

I have tried to make connections of why I dreamed such a strange one. Sometimes I can; this time I cannot (except for the presence of cats in the dream, but I am definitely NOT trying to find them a new home!)

Do you believe that dream interpretation is valid? Are you a regular dreamer? Do some dreams stay on your mind for quite a while after the fact? 


  1. This is interesting.
    When I was in the long therapy, I over and over again had these dreams where I had moved into a new house, a house reminding a bit of the ones I really had been living in. There were people from my past, mixed along. I was trying to " settle " in, but never did, as the dream ended.
    My analyst was interested in them ( she was a Freudian ), but it was so difficult to describe them to her, and perhaps she deliberately did not try to help me interpret them - instead I was to do the pondering. In fact, I had to sort out all the disturbing things that occupied my mind.
    It was the meaning of the therapy.
    Now, later on, I have not seen those dreams.
    They had a meaning, that I know. Perhaps related to my anxiety about everything at the time, when everything was so to pieces.

  2. Dear Sanda,

    Dreams are probably one of the greatest mysteries of this world and though so much of dreaming is understood a whole lot more remains unsolved. I am just reading a book about the conscious and unconscious minds. I think sometimes in dreams we get images of what we have seen in consciousness and sometimes we complete those images. Most certainly the subconscious mind uses symbolism to convey messages because it does not have the training of the conscious mind, frequently the message becomes distorted and intense. Still in dreams we may find solutions and answers. I always start off by asking myself what I ate the night before, if my sleep was sound, and what I watched. My most disturbing dreams happen when I eat pizza late at night!?!? I don't think one should be disturbed that parts of a dream make no sense but certainly I am deeply affected by my dreams. Get some rest and dream again. I too dream but not at will.

    Wishing you a beautiful week with lovely dreams. : )

  3. i think exploring dreams can lead to helpful insights. i remember dreams frequently and try to make a note of them before hey slip away. some dreams stick with me, but most drift away.

  4. I used to have a constant dream about loosing my money, plane tickets, passport etc whilst in a foreign land. I would always wake up feeling anxious.
    I wrote a post a couple of years ago about an experience I had as a child when I kept loosing things at school much to my mothers annoyance, and ever since I wrote that post the dream has gone - it was a relief not to have it anymore. Was writing the post the reason it stopped?

  5. Your post and all comments are very interesting. Could the gathering of many folks at a party be related to your meeting yesterday to plan a class reunion. One of the comments about dreams occurring when eating pizza at night is something Wayne experiences every time we have pizza at night. I have always laughed at him about this but maybe there's something to it. My dreams are just ordinary daily happenings.

  6. I've heard that things that seem to be of the least importance when you are recalling a dream are actually the most important. All the rest is just to hide the real issue your subconscious is dealing with. Kind of makes sense.
    I know what Rosemary means - sometimes writing a post about something that is bothering me is the best way to get it off my mind.

  7. Some dreams stay with me,others vivid and fearful when a problem has needed solving disappear,not saying it solved anything just added to my
    indecision...not sure if this makes sense.....the subconscious works on
    many levels mabe to help the mind from over stressing......

  8. I have heard that dreams are the clearing house or filing system of the brain. Most of mine disappear just after wakening, but sometimes they are so vivid that I can work out the meaning, usually something on my mind coming out in another form. Your dream featuring little Katie makes me wonder if it is linked to the intense bond we have with our grandchildren and hopes for their welfare - I love that you tried to pacifiy her.

  9. This is so funny but you are the third person who's talked about having long vivid dreams lately. My mum and my husband both talk at length about their complex and very interesting dreams.
    I've begun to wonder if the onset of spring somehow triggers an increase in dreaming.
    Your dreams are very interesting and somehow the symbolism of taking off your jewellery was the one that stuck with me most. Jewellery is personal, intimate and closely linked to our personal identities. It could signify a change in your lifestyle, a transition.

  10. I think dreams are interesting but have no clue to interpreting them. My dreams often seem more like "thinking" because the are so related towhat I was thinking in the prior day(s) . There are the occasional odd mysterious to me ones though. Some of those have stayed with me a long time.

  11. This is such an interesting post Sanda.
    I dream a lot. There are some nights I dont. My dreams , when I wake and if i remember them are beyond comprehension. I do believe that it is our subconscious mind.. it holds the key to opening all that is stored there.
    There are meanings too i am sure. Some of my dreams, are like out of body experiences. I wake some mornings happy and some sad. I like the happy mornings. Those dreams must be good ones.. the sad days.. i remember and takes me hours to get them out of my head.
    Our mind is a strange strange thing.
    I try to interpret mine as best I can. I have to give myself some reason for dreaming what I dream.!!!
    We go to a different dimension when we dream.. that is what I believe.
    interesting post Sanda..
    happy weekend. val xxx

  12. Thanks to everyone for sharing your thoughts/experiences about dreams. It's a fascinating subject and I enjoyed reading each and every comment.

  13. I go through periods of remembering dreams and periods of thinking I don't dream at all. The dreams that upset me or are recurring I pay attention to and think about what they are telling me. The upsetting ones are generally pretty obvious even when they are full of symbolism. I remember dreaming about a big horrible bug near the window of a car I was sitting in. I was frightened to swat at it or try to kill it in case I made it angry and it bit me. At the time I worked for a very scary man, a real bully I was afraid of. I had recurring nightmares as a child, one about a dinosour / crane that was eating our neighbourhood and my family members couldn't agree about an escape plan as it was making its way nearer; in another dream I was kidnapped by a train driver. They were hanging me out of the train window and my Dad couldn't quite catch up with the train to rescue me. Both these dreams were at a time when my parents were fighting a lot about money.

    Reading about your dream I was thinking a) being in a public place undressed or unprepared is maybe about feeling vulnerable; b) your frustration or disappointment with your friend might be about her, someone else or yourself; c) a bathroom is a private place where you don't want weird surprises, perhaps things aren't going the way you'd like? d) taking care of Katie might also mean taking care of yourself and distancing yourself from a dirty floor? Just some thoughts. I'm certainly no expert, but it was an interesting dream you shared!


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