Sunday, February 19, 2012

Flowers for the House

These are the flowers I had on the dining room table this weekend. I combined various varieties of daffodils and Hellebore Christmas Rose. I thought it was a stunning combination! What do you think? Yellow daffodils are so bright and cheerful on these dreary February days. They brighten my mood. I don’t think I’ve ever cut any hellebore blooms for cut arrangements, but will do so again. They have such short stems (at least mine do) that they have to go in short vases along with other short-stemmed flowers.

I placed the vase in the kitchen window just to capture some of the exterior light. I made pictures on the table which didn’t quite do the arrangement justice. And I might add that I’m not much at flower arranging. My sister got all those genes; her arrangements are gorgeous.

What are your favorite flowers? Do you most always have fresh flowers in the house? Are you able to gather flowers from your garden or do you purchase them? If you're like me, you always WANT to have flowers inside, but don't ALWAYS pull it off!

The next time I share plants with you -- in a few days -- I'm going to photograph my sweet basil growing in pots in the sunroom. I have been really lucky that the cuttings I started in the fall from the mother plant have lasted this long into the winter. Basil may be my favorite herb, at least for cooking!


  1. Touch of Spring has arrived in your home with your pretty arrangement.
    Are the Daffodils from your garden? Here we have Snowdrops on the banks of the lanes.

    My pots of white Hyacinths have just finished miss their divine scent. Have a couple of White orchids,and think I might buy some red Tulips for my white jug. Ida

  2. Yes, I have several varieties of daffodils blooming now; some have been in bloom since January. Earliest I remember having them bloom but it's been an unusually warm winter. Snowdrops! Those are so special! Always wanted to plant but haven't gotten around to it yet. Oh, I am all about fragrant plants and want to do a post on them soon. Hyacinths are one of the best fragrance. Reminds me of my grandmother, who always grew them. I'd love to see your white orchids!


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