Monday, February 13, 2012

Happy Birthday, Valerie

Three years ago, on Valentine Day 2009, we became the proud owners of Valerie, our Golden Retriever rescue dog. We celebrate her birthday on the 14th, although we don't, of course, know when she was born. Her "estimated" age was two years so she's now "about five." She is one fine dog, one of the SWEETEST ever. So say we worship and adore her would be an understatement.

This was Valerie on the day she was brought to us for a "visit," to see if we wanted her. Obviously, she stayed! What a beauty!

Valerie in the snow, January 2010

A few more shots of our wonderful Valerie

And finally, the Valerie video on YouTube:



  1. I read your blog backwards, and had to comment on this post.
    Oh, what a lovely dog you have, or two lovely dogs.
    Perhaps you know that I´m in love with my dog too, also a retriever, flat-coated and black.
    Retrievers are so kind, happy and energetic, what else could one wish for : )?

  2. Yes I have seen your dog and read what you write about him. He's beautiful and I know you love him as much as I love mine. Retrievers are wonderful indeed. I cannot imagine life with dogs. You have beautiful horses as well. I don't know much about horses; have never been around them much but know they are wonderful as well. Thanks for your comment on my new blog!

  3. When I am missing my sister, since she lives so far away now, I read something by her favorite author. It's Debbie Macomber, and she writes about a place called Cedar Cove. The second to last one had a vet drops a puppy off to be fostered by the most reluctant woman, who, of course ended up keeping him after 2 months. Looking at Valerie on her first visit, one just knows she's home already.

  4. That's sweet, to read something your sister likes when you miss her. Sisters are so special! And our dogs are as well!


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