Wednesday, February 15, 2012

The Perfect Wardrobe

It would appear this is going to be another post about a movie, but that is not the case. Bear with me here.

Another of my favorite movies is a remake of the 1954 Dial M for Murder which starred Grace Kelly and Ray Milland. The remake, A Perfect Murder, was released in 1998 and stars Gwyneth Paltrow and Michael Douglas. Beyond the intriguing story line, I enjoy watching the movie to marvel at the absolute wardrobe perfection of Paltrow’s character. She is a wealthy, New York City upper East Sider but despite her wealth she wears the same coat, watch and carries the same handbag throughout the film.

Her attire is timelessly classic and in my opinion, the absolute Perfect Wardrobe. Simple and very chic.

Peeking inside the closet of her gorgeous and well-appointed home, we find the following.

For Work: French Blue button down shirt, cashmere pullovers and cardigans, black long skirt, turtlenecks, knee-high boots, brown long shearling coat, Hermes scarf.

While we can’t see everything, we could surmise, based on what she wears in the movie, that her closet would include a killer white tailored shirt, wool slacks in black or gray, a perfect pair of jeans (maybe), a little black dress. No trendy, frilly tops, no short-short skirts, no chartreuse tops. We don’t see her wearing the latest trend, just comfortable and classic clothes that never go out of style.

Casual attire: Fisherman knit sweater

For Evening Formal:

Solid colored floor-length evening gown. Simple, slimming, elegant

The Handbag: Hermes Kelly bag

This handbag was carried by Paltrow throughout the movie (except with the evening gown) and it goes beautifully with everything she wears. It was created in 1930s,and after actress Princess Grace (Kelly) of Monaco carried the bag (1950s) and used it to shield her pregnancy from photographers, it was renamed the “Kelly Bag” in her honor.

The bag is available in several sizes and numerous colors, but black box calfskin is preferred by collectors as the most classic. If what I’m finding on the Internet is correct, these bags new can cost $24,000 (!) and there’s a waiting list! There’s also a large market for them, where they start at about $4,000.


Work: A long double strand of pearls.  

For Evening: A diamond Riviera necklace and bracelet

Daily: Diamond studs, floating diamond necklace,

Watch: Cartier

Wedding band: This piece of jewelry is part of the plot in the movie. It’s so delicate and stunning.

Lovely Cathy Waterman design

Well, that’s it for the Perfect Wardrobe. If you’ve seen the movie, leave me a comment and tell me what you thought of both the movie and Paltrow’s wardrobe. If you haven’t seen it, check it out!

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  1. From the sharp,well cut hair to the silk underwear GP made the classical the best wardrobe,and they can be worn for years with just a few nods to changes in fashion.

    Enjoyed the film especially the clothes!!Thank you for showing the items in detail. Ida

  2. Indeed, the wardrobe sounds and looks perfect. Very much to my taste too. Unfortunately, I only have the pearl necklace, diamond studs and the Cartier..

  3. I did love her wordrobe. (Although, our tastes in movies differ here.) My favorite was her Kelly purse. You see it in red in a few other movies and TV shows. And the fact that her shirt used cufflinks was a sublime touch.

  4. Beryl: I just checked out your blog and it's very interesting! I want to go back and read more when I have more time than just a cursory scroll down the page. And thanks for visiting my site. By the way, love our name. Beryl. Reminds me of Beryl Markam (sp?) Be talking to you soon!

    Metscan: Thanks and you are very lucky to have a Cartier watch. I hope to one day own one!

    Ida: You are so right: The classic look is the very best. And the cream colored robe was something else.

  5. Hi Sandra - Mutual admiration going on here! I love to think of my name in terms of the life of Beryl Markham, but my father was actually enamored of Beryl Davis, when he was stationed in England during WWII. She was a very pretty singer. We never used the British pronunciation: Beryl - like Cheryl, instead saying it Beryl - like Pearl. And I agree with you about the Bourne movies!

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