Thursday, August 2, 2012

Halcyon Days Music

Below is a YouTube video from the electronic artist and producer Mokhov, from his album Halcyon Days. I was searching around for music to share and found it. I hope you like it, too. I like it because of the album title, :-), and I love the clouds! Watching it almost hypnotizes me. Clouds are amazing, aren't they? 

(From the debut album Halcyon Days,on Magnatune Records/Mokhov Music).
Download the MP3 here:

YouTube is something I don't use very much. For some reason, it's just not on my radar screen. I find I can live quite easily without it. How about you? Is it a part of your computer time?

One of the aggravating things about trying to run a YouTube, or any other video, on my computer or phone is that it stops and starts. Does that happen to everyone? When that happens, I just give up and move on to something else. I hope the video above plays for you without stopping! I'd be interested to hear if it did or did not!

There is so many things out there on the Web that I believe I could literally "fritter" my entire day away if I explored it all. I am quite content with just testing the e-world with my toes instead of immersing myself completely in it. There is so much more to accomplish without it.

I hope you are counting down to a great weekend. The good thing about being retired: every day is the weekend!


  1. I could not get it to work will try again later.

    I was just thinking the same, and I don't even have a blog,but it is so easy to spend hours on the web....early this week my laptop had to go away for a health check,the first day I missed it,but for 2 days seem to get more done,and catch up on things I had neglected.I felt annoyed with myself! still it did not stop me using HB's in short bursts.

    I am trying to cut back on using it..not too sure I can. Are you the same now you have more free time? Ida

    1. Hello Ida,
      I do spend more time on the Internet now that I'm retired, but it's not "out of hand," yet. In these early weeks of retirement, I'm trying to get caught up on garden and household tasks. I save my Internet time until nighttime, when everything else is finished. I'm reading more blogs these days.

  2. The first link worked for me to hear the music (no video). I enjoy web connections but agree you can get lost and spend a lot of time. I get up way too early so usually have coffee and do most of my computer stuff before the sun is up.


    1. Wow, you do get up early, Darla. I am up by 6 am but my early hours are spent outdoors doing what chores I need to do before the day gets too hot. My computer time is evenings.


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