Friday, August 3, 2012

Too Much Of.....Everything!

"Simplify, simplify, simplify" -- words by Henry David Thoreau, American writer and philosopher -- come to me often.

I am trying to simplify my life in several ways, one way by getting rid of things I don't need, that are no longer meaningful to me.

I started this purging process several weeks ago with my closet and have made some progress. Paring down my wardrobe has been difficult, but I'm still working on it.

Meanwhile, I have begun the process in my kitchen. This task has been easier. I open my cabinets and see five sets of dishes! And I use one, sometimes two, if we have guests. These five do NOT include the "good" china for the dining room, nor the "Autumn" by Lenox packed away in boxes. You get the idea: I have too much "stuff."

Below is one set I washed up today and it's going out the door! It's a set from Germany, purchased there in the early 1960s (not by me) and "inherited," so to speak, through a "trade" for a much more expensive item. I have used it a few times during the past 20 years. It is a lovely set, but it has many pieces and occupies far too much cabinet space.

The marking on the back of each piece, "Alba-Bunst, Alboth & Kaiser-Bavaria," was used between 
 1958 and 1960.

I tried to research this china on the Internet but learned very little. The company dates back to 1872 and I'm not sure if it still produces china. There are many offerings of odd pieces, but none of this pattern, at specialty shops and on eBay.  If anyone out there has information about this china pattern, I would appreciate your letting me know.

The set includes:

8 dinner/luncheon plates
24 desert/salad plates
8 soup bowls
8 cups
10 cup saucers
Soup tureen
Coffee pot
Cream pitcher and sugar bowl
2 gravy boats
3 vegetable bowls 
2 platters
1 odd top (fits none of the vegetable bowls)

The soup bowls show a bit of lightening of the pattern, probably due to being run through the dishwasher. One of the 24 desert/salad plates has a small chip and the large bowl has a hairline crack. Otherwise, the set is in pristine condition and quite lovely.

The set

The set

Pattern close-up

Pattern close-up

Soup tureen

Coffee pot

Gravy boats, cream pitcher and sugar bowl

Two vegetable bowls, same size; two platters in background

Sugar bowl and cream pitcher; two platters

Cup and saucer

Dinner plate and salad/desert plate

If anyone has the slightest interest in owning this set, please contact me and we will work a deal. Otherwise, it's going to a secondhand shop.

What are some of the things you have "too many of?" 


  1. Hello Sanda

    It is a beautiful set and one I would love if we still had our country farmhouse, which we sold eight years ago. We had an auction and sold a lot of the contents. Like you, I still have 2 sets of good dishes (one set has 200 pcs. - Pink Tower Spode) I should eliminate more but it seems each time I reduce my wardrobe, items sneak back in. I know I could never be a minimalist when it comes to wardrobe, I love fashion too much.

    Have a wonderful weekend
    Helen xx
    Everyday dishes are white

    1. Hi Helen
      Sometimes I think I'd like to be a minimalist in the wardrobe area. Fewer items to choose from so one wouldn't fret over what to wear. I don't believe I could pare down to 10-12 items, as some say they have done; that's pretty extreme!

  2. I hope you find a new owner for that lovely set. Decluttering is definitely the way to go, and a job which never seems to finish in my house. Now that I am bringing in the inherited items, I realise I have far too much china, so I will have to take a leaf from your book very soon. And that applies to wardrobe, too. My trouble is I like to sew and it is more about the fun and the process than it is about actually needing the item. Happy weekend.

    1. Hi Patricia
      I got the china packed in boxes today, along with many other items/boxes. It's in the garage waiting for the next step. At least this was progress; I got it out of the house!

  3. Oh how I need to do the same with kitchen items. So many that are never taken out of the cabinet. The dishes are very pretty but that's a lot of pieces to find places for. Maybe this will motivate me to start the process!

    1. Hi Sissy
      I think our seeing mother hold onto EVERYTHING has made us want to get rid of the things we don't need. I'm trying really hard not to be like her in that respect!

  4. My oh my! A complete set of everything possible! I really hope your china gets a nice home.
    Having just arrived home from the flea market, I have very little cluttered stuff left.
    You would be amazed, if you saw my cupboards and wardrobe.
    I am very pleased having just the necessities around, in kitchen and in the clothes department.
    And I must say, that you have a long way ahead of you, but it´s great, that you have started and are eager to part with your possessions. Keep the mood on!

    1. I look forward to getting my things into a secondhand store or flea market. I'm checking around now for the best option. If all fails, I'll just donate it! What a freeing feeling it must be to not be burdened down by clutter in cupboards and wardrobe.


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