Friday, November 16, 2012

Seeking Beauty

After the fullness of autumn color has passed and winter's whisper is just a breath away, it's not as easy to find beauty in the landscape. look up to see the few remaining leaves on a Hickory Tree.

Or look down and see the wine-color of an Oak Leaf Hydrangea

Can that be a violet nestled among the fallen leaves?

Of course, the Southern Magnolia never fails to please, regardless of the season!

Holly berries -- one of winter's stars!

The Eastern Red Cedar comes into its own when the color of autumn is past

The Betty Prior Rose gives a last gasp before folding up for the colder weather ahead

Oh, Arugula, you sweet green thing! How you do resist the cold!

The Bradford Pear Tree is always last to the Autumn Party!

Berries for my feathered friends

This Nicotina (Flowering Tobacco) didn't get the memo that winter is just around the bend

A row of Nicotina marching in a line toward.... the death of winter

Somewhere in there, amid the fallen leaves, there's a Rosemary plant! 

Ah, there you are! Rosemary makes me think of Christmas trees


This HAS to be the last Gardenia of the year

Boxwood -- Dependable any time of year

Autumn leaves on the ground -- almost as beautiful as on the trees

And a beautiful sunset

 And another

But waiting for the gorgeous red skies of December. Stay tuned because next month it's going to be difficult to aim my camera anywhere but above.

Wishing you a beautiful weekend wherever you may be.


  1. What great pictures. Thanks for naming them all for us. That tobacco plant is very pretty.

    1. This red variety is not fragrant, unfortunately. I thought it was when I bought the seeds. I like the white one best, as it is extremely fragrant.

  2. Hello Sanda

    What a delightful post. You have captured the mood of the season.The magnolia always gladdens my heart and is a favourite, regardless of the season.

    Happy Thanksgiving


    1. I love magnolia leaves in Christmas decorations. As you say, it's pretty in any season. Thanks, Helen.

  3. How on earth can the sky be so deep blue in some of the pictures!
    There are so many colors yet all over, flowers growing..
    Great pictures and I too appreciate having them named, as they are plants we don´t have here.
    Thank you!

    1. We are really lucky to get sunny days and blue skies year round, even in winter except when it's stormy or raining. I was a bit surprised to find that violet blooming. Has the full winter set in there?

    2. The snow has melt to my great delight. We are having temperatures above zero and winds from the west.
      This weather would suit me fine, although the lasting snow will arrive sooner or later, blaah.

  4. There is always something beautiful to see in nature. I liked seeing your large garden space.


    1. I agree there's always something lovely to be seen in nature. I'm glad you enjoyed the pictures.

  5. This shas got to be one of your best!!! Great pictures and I love the winter landscape almost as much as the spring, except hydrangea, and to me the colors are just as vibrant and beautiful as spring. What could be prettier than red berries and rosemary. Can't wait for the December skies - remember all the great pictures we got last year. THANKS!

    1. Wow, I'm surprised you like it that much! But no surprise really, gardener and plant lover that you are! Yes, bring on the December skies!

  6. Your garden looks absolutely beautiful, and the photos capture the season so well. I love the little violet peeping out, and the red berries match the Christmas season. You live in a great spot.

    1. That violet was really a surprise that I didn't understand. They usually bloom in early spring. It's not a such a bad area; much natural beauty!


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