Friday, November 2, 2012

The First Frost

Two nights ago we had our first frost of the season. When I woke up and stepped outside with the dogs, I made a few photos.

The low-lying field in the background, when viewed through the trees,  looks like snow, but it's just Old Jack Frost welcoming the first hint of winter

The last tomato and bell pepper plants were killed, but the arugula is still going strong. Last year I had both lettuce and arugula at Christmas, and am hoping the arugula will last that long this year. I got the lettuce seed planted too late and it's barely emerged from the soil. I am not sure if it will continue to grow in the colder weather. Time will tell.

The Bald Cypress tree is still holding its golden needles

But the Maple has already shed all its leaves

Each year the Pin Oak holds its dried leaves almost until spring

And the Bradford Pear is the last tree to turn from green to russet

Hope everyone is having a great first weekend in November. We must remember to turn our clocks back this weekend, as Daylight Savings Time ends at 2 a.m. Sunday.


  1. Ah, Jack Frost has moved over to Alabama! Three months ago he was here and killed our front lawn, which is still brown because we are not getting rain. The photos of the trees are very serene and beautiful, and that really does look like snow across the way.

    1. Hoping you'll get your spring rains soon.

  2. Frost in Alabama? Quite surprising. Everything looks so summer-y still.
    Funny, we went back to " normal time " a week ago. The trains stopped at 4 am. for an hour, and those partying in the restaurant, got one hour more for ordering drinks; ).
    Do you use only the am/pm?
    Here in " the other world " we start after midnight from 00:01-----24:00. So much more simple, imo.
    You must be all excited about the election in the States! Hoping that the best man wins, he deserves it!

    1. We usually get our first frost late Oct. when skies are still blue, lots of greenery remains and days warm up to 80 degrees. By late Nov all green will be gone and well get blustery days. Our winter nights get cold but it often becomes warm and sunny during daytime.

      The 24 hour clock makes more sense to me as well. Here, it's used in the military environment only. It should be adopted, but sort of like the metric scale, which was proposed that we convert to back in the 80s. But people resisted so we remained on the avoirdupois system.

  3. Love the pixs of the different trees - all are so different and yet so beautiful. Your garden looks so pretty with the picket fence. Quite a change today, Saturday, when it's 80 degrees again - so typical of AL weather.

    1. When it's hot I want it to be cold cold comes and I wish for warmer weather. But a little consistency would be nice

  4. It is Sunday morning as I write and I have turned back the clock. This is a hard transition for me as I am an "early bird" by nature and now for a week or so I will be a really really early bird until I adjust.

    Great photo's. I was tickled to see a pin oak. An online friend sent me a few of the tree's tiny acorns but I don't recall seeing a picture of the tree.


    1. All I can think about today is now early it's going to get dark outside! After years of waking up at 4:45 a.m., I am not enjoying not setting an alarm clock (unless there's something I must get up for). But I'm usually awake by 6 or 6:30, depending how late I stayed up the night before.

      The pin oak must have to get old before it produces acorns. Ours is about 15 years old; no acorns yet.

  5. Our clocks went back last week,always on a Saturday so we Brits can have an extra snooze!

    HB is complaining about how much air time is given to your elections,all our top reporters are over there.

    The Ash tree virulent fungal disease that took much of Europe's trees,has turned up in Britain,we have been asked to watch for it on the estates.

    Off later to our village bonfire/fireworks party held in the local church yard in celebration of Guy Fawkes 5th November,a tradition celebrated in UK. Ida

    1. Ida, I had to go search for information about Guy Fawkes to fully understand what that tradition is all about in the UK. Interesting indeed! All countries have their traditions.

      People here also are complaining about all the political ads, and are tired of all the hype about who's going to win. I think about all the good that could be done on needed programs if the $1.5 BILLION spent on ads was spent elsewhere. Not the way things work, however. Sad.


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