Wednesday, February 6, 2013

It Was a Good Day

Hooray for the sun!

It was a gorgeous day in my corner of the world today.

The birds were singing, the daffodils are in full bloom

And look at the noon reading on the thermometer.

I hadn't planned to spend the day outdoors, but with this kind of weather who could resist? Besides, the prediction is that the weather will change tomorrow and RAIN will be back once more for the next several days.

My little potager garden need some attention. Why is it that weeds can survive the cold when desirable plants cannot?

But the strawberries are still green

And the garlic looks good

Some of the leaf lettuce I planted in the fall didn't grow enough to harvest before first frost
but has survived and is ready to resume growing.

A few arugula plants are still green and edible.

I bought onion bulbs a few weeks ago and decided today would be a good time to get those started. February is the month onions and cabbage are planted in this area.

The dogs enjoyed being outside as much as I did
 and lay patiently until I was ready to come inside.

Here's Valerie scratching her back against the fence.

Before I knew it, lunch time had arrived. How times flies when you're having fun.

Making a salad is never quick work: all that chopping and peeling. I like to think of constructing a salad as designing a work of art. Silly me!
But all those colors and shapes remind me of placing paint on a canvas.

Lettuce, avocado, egg, bell pepper, carrot, tomato, marinated artichoke, cucumber, black olives, croutons, sunflower seeds.

Making the lunch was almost as tiring as digging in the garden.

Got to have my cucumber and lemon water.
Drinking a lot with all the activity.

Back outside for a short time for the second walk of the day with the dogs.

I happened to see this weed growing underneath a tree. I have no idea its name but I think it's quite pretty.
Very prickly though.

The day ended with a pretty sun sinking in the western sky,
 but the clouds are rolling in.

Kitty Carl is safe on his pillow in the garage. He's waiting on brother Murtie and baby sister Myrtle so the door can be closed for the night.

All's well; everyone's here.

Carl wishes you a goodnight.


  1. Goodnight to Carl and his siblings! It's been a full day for your household :-)

    1. All, including me, were exhausted at day's end. Carl is the sweetest thing. When I'm outside, he follows every step, unless the dogs are with me and then he's not to be found, naturally.

  2. We all know the expression "full of the joys of spring" and I think that this is where it must come from. The first warm sunshine after the winter is so uplifting.
    Your variegated plant looks like some kind of thistle, and your pretty salad has tempted me into making one for our lunch.

    1. I would like to read a "study" on the effect sunshine has on us. Sure it's out there so I have to go look. Is it physiological or merely psychological? Whichever, it's very REAL.

      Hope you enjoyed your salad.

  3. Such a great uplifting post,love all your photos,and that temp.lucky you! how I wish to feel the sun on me......the gales have disappeared overnight and 45f is ok for late Winter.Ida

    1. Not so lucky today. Overcast, damp and soon to rain. Just taking the good with the bad. That's life, isn't it?

  4. I too am happy that you had a sunny, warm day.
    No signs of sun, warmth over here yet. We are going to have more and more and more....snow throughout the weekend and even further. Blaah.
    At least the daylight time is increasing!
    Thank you for the sweet pictures of your family members!!!

    1. Bundle up and enjoy the scene. Snow IS very pretty. Maybe you should take snow pictures and post on your blog for us to enjoy.

      The increasing daylight definitely helps. I've always thought I'd love to be in your part of the world on the longest day of the year. Daylight at midnight?

  5. Oh what a beautiful post! I personally am enjoying every second of winter, I love it. Today we are getting another 8 inches and it is already looking like a winter wonderland.

    I did not see the mention on CBS this morning about Amour, I will have to find that online. I think it looks like a great movie.

    Have a wonderful day and thank you for coming to visit, Elizabeth

  6. Stay safe during your big snow. I sent you an email saying it was CBS Sunday Morning show, not the daily morning show. Hope you find the review online.

  7. Beautiful pixs! Prettiest of all is our wonderful Karl - would be a beautiful thing to say good night to every night!!!! Can't wait until Sat to see him.
    The salad is beautiful as the cucumber drink - but you ALWAYS make everything look SO pretty.
    Beautiful sunset picture and I agree with the previous comment that the plant is a thistle.

    1. Karl said he was looking forward to Saturday, too. He likes all that personal attention, as do Murtie and Myrtle. Trying to get back to my cucumber/lemon water, called "Sassy Water" by some.

      Thanks to you and Rosemary for identifying that pretty, but very prickly, plant.

  8. It sounds and looks wonderfully spring like in your area. We are a couple of months behind you and I can't wait. The salad looks very tasty. I like salads but am often too lazy to make one just for myself. I did make coleslaw for dinner last night though.


    1. This nice warm weather is fleeting, and typical. We usually get these warm days in February, followed by blasts of Arctic cold. We just enjoy them as they arrive but prepare to bundle up again.

      Salads done right are such a pain to make! But I enjoy making them. Coleslaw is good too.


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