Thursday, February 7, 2013

Tea, Daffodils and Dogs

You'll be thinking I'm talking too much about tea! You might say I'm on a tea kick, and every day finds me trying a different one.
Tea tin reclining against lettuce leaves from the garden
Today seemed a good time to have a pot of Red Lavender by Zhena's Gypsy Tea, a Roobois and Lavender blend. I like it very much. The tin was a gift from  my sweet co-worker Jessica when I retired last year. It's almost empty but I know I'll be seeking out where to find more.

Roobois leaves are oxidized and the reddish brown color is due to that process.

Some of the nutritional and health benefits given for Rooibos, which is low in caffeine and tannins and high in antioxidants and phenol compounds:

  • Reduces nervous tension, allergies, rashes and digestive problems.
  • High in antioxidants, which is good for the immune system.
  • Known for its anti-aging effects..
  • Can be used as a spice, a vitamin or a dye.
  • Contains calcium, zinc and other nutrients.
  • Traditionally, has been used to alleviate infantile colic and allergies.

Rooibos was unheard of for centuries, known only to a tribe of African Bushmen called the Khoisans. The extract was used as a remedy for a wide variety of ailments. It was then acknowledged by Swedish naturalist Carl Thunberg in 1772 as a ‘good plant’ for curative purposes.

It was only in 1904 that a Russian/Jewish settler, Benjamin Ginsberg, perfected the art of curing, by fermenting the tea in barrels covered by wet hessian sacks. 

Rooibos Flavor:

It has a naturally sweet and unique taste, with the tinged flavor of cherry, vanilla and toffee.


These are miniature daffodils I found blooming in the garden today. They really are tiny, although my close-up shots make them appear normal size.


My girl Valerie is not feeling well today. I think she has a bit of an upset tummy. Nothing serious; she's still wagging her tail happily, but just being more contented than usual to lounge around and nap.

 I place this throw across the bed to protect it when the dogs decide to nap there (not usually). But because Valerie chose that spot today, naturally Kris had to join her. You can see Val trying to push him away, as if to say, "Leave me alone. I'll be better tomorrow and we'll play then."

Kris apologizes and gives Valerie a kiss.

"And if I just rest my nose on your paw, that'll make you all better."


  1. Hope sweet Val is feeling better by now - I don't like knowing she isn't feeling good and doing her shrill barking! The daffodils are beautiful, got them while sitting in a 4 hr Master Gardener class this am and this was the best thing in those four hours! As for the tea, it sounds interesting. I'm going to have to get more into different teas rather than the southern method!!

    1. Val is perfectly back to normal today, bless her heart. Barking again when outdoors, as yesterday she chased poor Karl up a tree. There's never a dull moment around her with all the zoo.

      I think for us, who grew up not ever drinking our tea hot, that it has to be gradually "practiced" and acquired. Perhaps I learned to drink it because I read as a kid all those British Gothic novels and mysteries, where tea was taken with great ceremony and I wanted to "mimic" that. Who says young minds aren't influenced by books and media?

  2. Your dogs are so sweet - hope Valerie recovers quickly. I'm impressed with those lettuce leaves you grew. No matter how many times or ways I try Red Rooibos Tea, I always prefer black tea. But I have never treated it as medicinal, so I may just give it another try. My local Walmart has Zhena's Gypsy Teas, by the way.

    1. Val has recovered, probably because all the TLC she received from me yesterday. Those lettuce leaves are huge. I have no idea the variety as they came from a packet of mixed variety lettuces. I don't drink tea with any sweetener, but I'm wondering if you might like it better if you tried it with honey and lemon.

      Wow, didn't know Walmart carried the Zhena brand. I'll look next time I'm in my local store. Thanks.

  3. Aside from the very pretty tin, the Zhena gypsy tea sounds really interesting - both healthy and fragrant with lavender! I hope your dear Valerie is felling better soon, and able to romp among those cute little daffodils.

    1. I can never throw out the pretty tea tins, but they are small and I can never find a good use for them. Once tried making little flower pots of them and that works for the small plants. Look pretty lined up in a kitchen window.
      Those tiny daffodil bulbs were given to me and they have really spread in the 10 years I've had them. Val thanks you for the get well wishes.

  4. Oh those sweet dogs!
    Thumbs up Val will be ok by now: ).

    Have you tried Roobois Cinnamon Spice tea? I had an addiction to it at one time.

    As I have mentioned, I do like coffee more. The dark one.
    Only lately I have " found " capuccino. Great ( every now and then in small amounts ).

    1. What would life be like without our dogs? Less work, for sure, but not nearly so much fun!

      Have not tried the cinnamon spice variety. I might look for it because I like the cinnamon taste.

      Like you, have to have my morning coffee and lots of it, and the stronger and bolder the better. I have never taken a liking to cappuccino or any coffee with milk, cream, sugar, etc.

      But after the morning, I find tea more to my liking. Soothing, bracing and a great comfort, especially during cold weather.

  5. Awww, your dogs are adorable and so loving with each other :-) I hope Valerie is feeling better today!
    The red tea with lavender sounds like a perfect evening tea blend to calm and relax before bedtime

    1. The dogs are great pals. They seem to love each other so much, which is a happy accident. Both are Golden rescues, Val first and she will be celebrating her fourth anniversary with us on the 14th. Val came to live with us on Valentine's Day (already named, BTW, by the rescue group. What a happy accident.

      Kris followed Christmas 2009, with the name given to him by the group as "Yukon." Couldn't live with that name so since he was a Christmas gift from me to my HB, named him Kris for the holiday. He may be my husband's dog, but Kris loves me best. HB is so jealous!

  6. I'd buy the tea just to get the tin. Doesn't everyone shop for groceries by finding the prettiest container? I've tried a couple of different Roobbios teas and wasn't that excited about them but willing to try again. Hope Val is on the mend this morning.


    1. HAHA. Another person who shops for packaging! Thank goodness I'm not the only one.

      And if the food doesn't look pretty on the plate I don't want to eat it. When the kids were growing up they used to kid me if I ever "accidentally" prepared a meal where everything didn't have color variety on the plate. This because they knew I insisted that there must be variety of color on the plate. Chicken, rice, cauliflower, bad. Chicken, broccoli, carrots, good!

  7. Oh, those sweet beautiful doggies. Makes me miss my golden, Buckshot; would love to have another. Thanks for that first burst of Spring - yellow daffodils. I'm really anxious to start looking at bulbs, seeds, etc. and plotting out the garden. Have a good weekend!

    1. Once you been owned by a dog life seems lonely when you no longer have one. Are your daffodils blooming? Looking forward to hearing about your gardening adventures this year. Good weekend to you as well.

  8. I knew that I recognized that tea tin! Glad you enjoyed it! Hope you're doing well and we miss you at the office!!

  9. Hi Jessica,
    What great tea that is! I think of you each time I brew a cup.

    Miss all of you, too. Hope all is well and thanks for stopping by and leaving a comment!



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