Tuesday, February 12, 2013

Love Letters

Many will give and receive various gifts on Valentine's Day. The most popular choices are flowers, jewelry  chocolates and cards. Those are very nice gifts.

The cards exchanged are in most cases beautiful, adorned with cupids, hearts, ribbons and lace.

But what could be nicer than giving or receive a handwritten love letter?


Whether delivered by hand, the postal service, carrier pigeon, e-mail, tweet, or romantically left in a secret location, the letter may be anything from a short and simple message of love to a lengthy explanation of feelings.
Love's Messenger by Marie Spartali Stillman
Love letters may express the widest range of emotions - devotion, disappointment, grief and indignation, self-confidence, ambition, impatience, self-reproach and resignation.

But a love letter on Valentine's Day will always express undying love and devotion.

Below are some love letters written by famous people (credit: msn.com):


Amedeo Momo Simonetti:: Opening a love letter


  1. Over here in Finland, we have started to celebrate Feb. 14th as " The Friend´s Day ".
    It is, without doubt, a copy of The Valentine´s Day.

    I find this date super-artificial.
    It is ok for you in US, to celebrate the date, as it is a tradition.
    However, why oh why do we over here have to copy it, is beyond my understanding.

    We have the Christmas, the Easter, the birthdays , Mother´s and Father´s Day. We even celebrate name- days over here.

    I have nothing against buying a gift , but I dislike the feeling, that I actually have to remember with a card / buy something for someone, on this exact day.

    If/ when I find something nice for someone, I will give it to her/ him asap.
    Yeah, the hasty me..

    1. Friends Day. Interesting. All the designated days bother me somewhat, too. It's a conspiracy to make us part with our money. Cards, or a small gift, are nice, but some people seems to go way overboard. Halloween comes to mind. I think a gift is much nicer if given with no day attached to it. So you are right on!

  2. The historical love letters are so fascinating, Sanda. How wonderful to be able to write like Beethoven, so romantically. I find Richard Burton's note interesting - wonder what he was thinking when he wrote 'dangerous loveliness'...they were a very volatile pair! Happy Valentine's Day!

    1. Could it have been he wrote that while each was still married to someone else?

      Considered the most romantic letters ever written in literary history were those between Elizabeth Barrett Browning and Robert Browning. Unfortunately, I couldn't find a short one to post; most are long and flowing. Beautiful.

  3. Enjoyed reading the letters you posted. Every woman should have a few old love letters tied up with a pretty satin ribbon somewhere among her treasured things.


  4. Winstone Churchill was married to his 'darling Clemmie for 56yrs that to me is true love.
    As usual like your way of expressing Valetine's day in hand written letters...now cheap and commercialised.

    I enjoy giving/receiving small unexpected gifts.Ida

    1. I see you agree with Mette's way of gift giving. Giving for the want to do so; not because one feels one is expected to.

  5. Enjoyed reading these love notes. How did you ever have time to do this today as you've taken care of Mother the last two days! That was a gift of love. Tomorrow is my day and hope to see you sometime during the day ---along with our kittie cats! They are truly a gift you can love everyday!!!

    1. Hi there,
      You got to spend an enjoyable day entertaining two of the cats; what a special way to spend Valentine's Day! And oh, I forgot to tell you, today is the fourth anniversary of our having Valerie. What a special day that was when we got her! And you are special to her because she brought you a "leaf" as a love token.

  6. Pretty fun to read all those letters. (Even though I know how miserable it would have been to be married to any of the guys who wrote me letters.)

    1. You had better hide those letters if you still have them. Your husband might get jealous! Just kidding. I know he knows he has nothing to worry about.


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