Sunday, June 30, 2013

Keep Calm and Blog On

It seems to me -- after reading numerous Internet stories and techie blogs about the demise of Google Reader -- that it may very well be "Much Ado About Nothing."

I say this because I think this is the case -- at least for me.

 Here's why:

---I don't use an RSS Feed to follow blogs (Thanks, Divers and Sundry for helping me sort through this definition and question!)

--Even if the blogs listed on my Dashboard go away July 1, I follow few enough blogs that I can easily go to each and resign up to follow them.

---Today I visited all the blogs I follow, and if a "subscribe by e-mail" option  was available, I signed up. (It is my humble recommendation that you do the same, ESPECIALLY if you do not have a blog yourself. This way, you won't have to be checking back to see if there's a new blog post; you'll know when the author posts because you'll be notified by e-mail.

      (This, by the way, is one of the features Bloglovin is touting - that you'll be notified when a blogger posts!)  So if you do NOT want to get an account with Bloglovin or any other reader, sign up for blog's e-mail notification.

--- If followers are lost because they have Google Reader, so be it. If they are interested enough, they will figure out a new way to follow. And hey, this concept is so simple: IF THEY REALLY want to read our blogs they will just enter our URL address and up we will pop! The World Wide Web is available to anyone and everyone!!

--I don't think most people follow mine or any other blog via Google Reader.
This is a tool that tons of techies use to follow a hundred things each day, not necessarily blogs.

-- As Mette mentioned, most followers never comment. I see blogs with hundreds of followers and maybe 15 comments on any given day. I understand why it's important for blogs with something to promote (products, etc) to keep their many followers. Mine is not of that variety. And after all, it's the page views that count, not the number of followers (although that is nice!). And one of the reasons many of us blog is for the TWO WAY dialogue.

Please read this (Va-Room Vintage) blog) for further clarification in case the information I've provided above needs further elaboration. I found it more helpful that the tens of other stories/instructions I read elsewhere while researching this whole darn subject!

So, let's all take a deep breath and relax on July 1!

Of course, I could be wrong........


  1. I think you are right Sanda. I have a few blog links on my sidebar and a bunch more of my favorites bookmarked. I recently added the e-mail thing at the request of a regular reader. I'm going to sign in to your e-mail now. Guess we will see how it sorts out tomorrow.


  2. Clearly,and well researched thanks for that.I already have been signed up to your blog for a while and like finding the reminder you have posted on my email
    As a non blogger only follow a few blogs,most informative,interesting plus have a 2 way dialogue.
    'See you' tomorrow.

  3. Hello Sanda

    It sounds very confusing to me. We shall wait and see how it all works out tomorrow

    Fond wishes for a wonderful week

    Helen xx

  4. Dear Sanda, Well, in Australia 1st July is almost over, and the Land of Blog does not seem to have collapsed!! I have had to rejoin a couple of blogs in the Friends Connect - not knowing quite why they have dropped out, but a bit more of a tidy-up and all will be well. I hope.
    Have a great week!

  5. Va-Room Vintage does have a helpful post. i think you're right that all will continue basically uninterrupted. i'm getting everything from "the old reader" i used to get from google reader and don't notice any difference as i read.

    i hope all your readers manage to stay with you through the change.

  6. I am lucky to be at one of my computer genius son's house (don't all mothers feel that way about their kids?) and will get him to fix it for me if the whole blog thing breaks. But so far, so good.

  7. Much Ado About Nothing is a very apt description. I still follow all of my blogs from my Blogger dashboard and nothing has changed. I have joined Bloglovin' and have added their button to my blog page for those interested but other than that, the transition was a fuss free one.


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