Tuesday, June 4, 2013

National Cheese Day

It was news to me. I didn't realize we "celebrated" National Cheese Day (in the U.S., at least) until something appeared in my e-mail from a company discounting prices on cheese today -- in celebration of June 4 as National Cheese Day.
I suppose it's as good a reason as any to eat cheese. Who doesn't like cheese?

I have met a few people who do not like cheese and I pitied them for what they are missing. Of course, there's the lactose-intolerant, but that's another story.

For many years I didn't know much about cheese. The only kind I had growing up was mild American and Hoop Cheese. A slice of cheese on a bologna sandwich, macaroni and cheese -- that was about the extent of my cheese eating experience.

I discovered sharp cheddar first and fell in love. I'm not sure what came next, but I do enjoy the blues, especially Gorgonzola; Swiss; Edam; Brie; feta; and Parmesan, which I use in every imaginable way.

Oh so many ways to enjoy our cheese: omelettes, pizza, quiche, sandwiches, sprinkled on salads. I could go on but don't want to sound like Johnny Appleseed recounting all the ways apples can be eaten. 

Hey, that's a great idea -- to do a blog post about Johnny Appleseed, in case some of you don't know who he is.  He was an American pioneer nurseryman who introduced apples to the new territories as they opened up in the early days of this country. Stay tuned for more on that subject.

But I digress.
Johnny Appleseed

We don't have a tradition in this country of serving a cheese course at the end of the meal, although it certainly is done in some circles I'm sure. I've read that in France there's a proper way to cut your piece of cheese from the hunk as the tray is passed around the table. Cut it wrong and you've committed a real faux pas. (The object, I think, is never to remove the point of the wedge; can someone tell me if that is correct?)

Maybe we here in the U.S. should take a lesson from the French and adopt eating a cheese course at the end of the meal. I just read on the National Cheese Day web page that eating cheese at that time prevents tooth decay. Imagine that. Another good reason to enjoy cheese.


Are you a cheese eater? What are your favorites? How do you eat YOUR cheese?


  1. Yes to cheese, any kind of cheese. I have a weakness for cheese like some people have for chocolate. I grew up in Tillamook country (Oregon) and like a good sharp cheddar. I don't think I've ever tried a cheese I didn't like though.


    1. Good to know there are other cheese addicts out there. A good sharp cheddar is hard to beat. I had a difficult time adjusting my taste to goat cheese, but now I appreciate it in small doses.

  2. I love cheese to, but ration myself because of the calories. I enjoy a sharp cheddar, or a soft Brie, or any cheese really. However on a daily basis stick to a low-fat option with fruit and a cracker for a snack. Good old Johnny Appleseed - I remember that cartoon from back in the day.

    1. All the good things to eat always had a calorie problem. Sigh. Oh good, glad you remember Johnny. I don't think I ever saw the cartoon but I still have my Little Golden Book on him from childhood.

  3. My HB ...bless him.....is a connoiseur of British cheese,we would live on it except as Patricia mentions,calories!!
    The favourite is stilton,especially enjoyed at Christmas by males with a glass of port.Also delicious crumbled in baked beans on toast/or baked potatoes easy peasy meals.
    Little Hereford cheese is made locally where tourists come to watch it being made,then enjoy at the small restaurant attached,we often dine there.
    Many towns/villages make their own cheeses.
    Stinking Bishop,Mature cheddar,Gorgonzola,Wigmore,too many more to mention,you see we Brits; are great lovers of cheese.
    The etiquette of the after dinner cheese platter used here,I also observed when I lived
    in France.Never cut the nose of the cheese leaving the rind for others,seperate knives
    for different cheeses.Rounds cut into wedges.
    Never heard of JA,but an apple and small wedge of cheddar is yum.

    1. Ah, Stilton! I've had it a few times. It's very expensive here. Haven't heard of Little Hereford or Stinking Bishop. Thanks for the etiquette info; glad to know the after dinner cheese plate is observed there. Yes, an apple and cheddar is a memorable small feast!

  4. I did not know that too!!! I love cheese but eat very limited amounts because of the very high cholesterol in them....love Jarlsberg, Gouda, Parmesan, not crazy about the soft cheeses. Good to see you Sanda!

    1. Good to see you too Mona. Hope your cat boys are doing well. My kitty Sox likes cheese. Gave her a small amount once and she almost attacked it.

  5. Oh my. Cheese. I have to limit my amount of it.
    Nearly all cheeses taste good. I really can´t name only one or two I like most.
    A few decades ago, it was easy to be the hostess of a small gathering of friends and serve a selection of different cheese ( placed all on a big cheese tray ), red wine + apples, pears, grapes and Tuc crackers.
    Even I managed that one, lol.

    1. Ah, the entertaining days when we were young(er)! The cheese cut in little cubes with a toothpick for lifting.

  6. I too love cheese. Cheese with fruit and crackers is about as good as it gets, expecially apples and grapes. It makes almost everything taste better. Did not know there was a National Cheese Day. I would eat it everyday, more than once, if it didn't have so many calories! Tortilla chips with melted cheddar cheese, jalapeno peppers and a chopped tomato is a mighty fine "meal" for me.

    1. Yum...Add a bit of fresh basil on that tomato and it's wonderful. I can think of a hundred ways to eat cheese!

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