Sunday, June 17, 2012

Life Gets Complicated

I realize it’s been more than a week since I have posted, but somehow, life and living got out of control. I’m sure we’ve all experienced it. I had been pushing the envelope, as they say, for quite a while, and I think it caught up with me. First I got sick, then my mother got sick (much better now) and then there were several out-of-the-ordinary time-consuming chores/responsibilities with the pets, then I got sick again! And all that doesn’t even account for the job and day-to-day activities of running the household.
But I’m glad to report that I’m “almost” recovered from first the sinus, and now the allergy attacks. I suppose I’ve been doing too much taking care of other things and not of myself.

Time always is the enemy—never enough of it. It reminds me of the title of a book that came out some years ago: Women Who Do Too Much. And aren’t we all guilty of that? When I was in my 30s I never ran out of energy. I’d take on one thing after the other. But now, thirty years later, I find that I must pick and choose. It’s not necessary to do everything.

I am about to begin my last week at my job before retirement on Friday, June 22. I know that the extra 11 hours I will get to spend at home or wherever I choose will relieve some of the pressures of daily living. But then again, I also feel that each of us is our own “worst enemy.” But I am going to try to pace myself – to not think I can do everything now that I’m going to be retired.

I look forward to getting back in my recent routine of posting on my blog. I have missed it!

What about you? Are you guilty of pushing yourself to the edge in what you want to accomplish? How do you pace yourself? Establish priorities? Determine what’s essential and what’s optional?


  1. Hello Sanda

    I am happy you are feeling healthy again. Congratulatons on your retirement. Like you, I am a very active person. I tent to overdo it and sometimes become exhausted. For me it is difficult to change, I have always been enthusiastic.

    Have a glorious week

    Helen xx

  2. I somehow have a feeling, that your retirement date is the cause of all the troubles that have been going on lately.
    It is a big change to get retired. Everything changes. I even think that your illness is partly psychological, though I can´t explain why your mother got sick at the same time.
    I have accepted, that I am not able to do hard work like I did even 20 years ago.
    We are having hay harvest soon. It is terribly rough work, and just two days ago, I told my hb, that I don´t intend to work like crazy. I told him, that we will need some outside help. Same thing for him too.
    I have also allowed myself day time naps, if I feel tired. And I am not going to feel guilty about that either.
    We also retire quite early, but then again, we wake up early in the morning.
    I have also slowed down my vacuum cleaning of the house. Earlier, I did it every day, now - once a week. And I still have not washed our windows.
    But - the stable is cleaned, and of that, I feel happy.
    I have also done all the decluttering, what a great feeling!

  3. I have had a very busy 2 wks,part business/pleasure...the worse day was shopping in London I was absolutely knackered,I forget I am no longer in my 40's and still tend to push myself too hard....I am much calmer in the country,and as the hayfever season is here it has slowed me down so I tend to rest more.

    I do hope you both are feeling better now,maybe when you retire next week you could make a plan to have a rest/relax for a couple of weeks.Ida

  4. I'm still working, but I think retirement is a big change in ones life, but it is also rewarding. A time to slow down and smell the flowers, for relaxation and rest. A time for new challenges and fun travels. I'm looking forward to retirement in 4 years.

  5. THE DATE IS ALMOST HERE FOR YOUR RETIREMENT! What a loss for that company and all the folks you have diligently worked with. The good side for me is gaining a buddy to pal around with when we can work it in. Sisters are the best buddy possible!
    Congratulations - well deserved. I'm 6 months into this retirement and finally I'm about to adjust. Don't expect too much too soon.


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