Tuesday, June 5, 2012

A Day in the Life of the Common Cold

What a nuisance – this business of having a cold, particularly when it’s summer and you just don’t have the time or patience to deal with it. It started with a sore throat two days ago and has progressed to running eyes and nose, congestion in sinuses and a cough that saps my energy.

OK, I’m doing all the right things: drinking tons of liquids, hot tea, soup, resting in bed. So why don’t I feel better? I know, I know, I have read about the common cold and the literature says it takes seven days for it to run its course? SEVEN days? Who has that kind of time? I want to feel better now!

My routine of the past two days has gone something like this: Wake up, wash face and brush hair, call the office to say I can’t come in today, make coffee and oatmeal, walk outside with the dogs to greet the beautiful summer morning; bring dogs inside and give treats. Eat oatmeal and catch a few headlines. Exhausted, I fall back into bed.

Adjust covers. Remember I didn’t bring a glass of water to the bedroom. Back to the kitchen. Dogs follow and go to waterbowl which is empty. Fill waterbowl.  Back to bed. Oops, forgot to bring iPad and iPhone. Get up to retrieve them. Check mail. Browse the web and catch up on what a few fellow Bloggers are up to today. Oh, forgot to take over-the--counter cold remedy. Go to bathroom and swallow pill. Back to bed. Adjust covers. Remove extra pillows and settle in for a rest.

Gee, it feels so hot in the house. Get up and adjust thermostat. Dogs follow. Think I’m taking them for a walk. No, I tell them, I don’t feel like it. They stare at me and wag their tails. OK, not a real walk, but I’ll take you outside but just into the yard, not into the fields, not today. Waste 15 minutes while dogs sniff around yard. Getting weak now. Must get back to bed.

Pile up in bed. So do dogs. Wow, they look exhausted, don't they? Me being sick is rough on them too!

Kris, foreground, and Valerie

So has gone my last two days. But I have a positive attitude. I DO HAVE A POSITIVE ATTITUDE. This is just temporary and I will feel better tomorrow, at least after I get a prescription from my doctor. I sit here looking at the computer screen and my eyes are about to close shut. Time to go fix my honey and lemon and tuck in for the night.
Do you have any special “cure” for the common cold? Do you take over the counter cold medications?

I suppose that sooner or later all of us succumb to a common cold; I usually have at least two each year. This is my second one of 2012 and that will do me just fine, thank you very much.I don't get winter colds; just spring and summer ones.

Thanks for stopping by my blog. Please leave a comment to cheer me up and make me feel better!!
And by the way: why is is called a "cold?"


  1. Dear Sanda, my empathies to you!
    I don´t know, why the flu is called a cold. Maybe it´s because sometimes ( especially in the earlier times ), fever was connected with it. Seldom though these days, one might only have a sore throat, cough, or a running nose, or just some fever.
    I had the sore throat, cough ( still on ) a small time ago, but it is mostly over now.
    Despite my " cold ", I too had to do the ordinaries - the stable work, etc.., but hit the sack afterwards, feeling totally beaten up.
    Have you tried taking antihistamines? Perhaps they would somewhat make you feel a bit better?
    If you have fever, it is vital, that you rest. Just let the dogs out; no need to do the walking.
    I also take my ibuprofen ( which makes all the aches bearable ), nap - whenever I feel tired, and in general, leave all the housework to the minimum.
    Hoping you a quick recovery. Over here we say, that a cold, treated takes 14 days, untreated 2 weeks ; ).

    1. Hello Mette, feeling much better today. This one has hung around longer than most. I'll be continuing my meds for several days but I'm definitely on the road to recovery.

  2. A cold is worse for some folks than others - for our family, it seems they are ALWAYS the worst possible. I don't have one very often at all but when I do, its horrible!
    Just keep drinking the "mixes" take ibuprofen and the antibodics you got yesterday and like Mette said, in two weeks it will be gone1 HOPE YOU FEEL BETTER TODAY!

    1. Definitely better today. All the liquids I've drank and the naps have helped, plus the meds!

  3. Oh No! So sorry you're ailing! I usually get an allergy thing from Spring & Fall pollen. I avoid OTC meds if possible, except Advil; no antibiotic unless I have a temp. I do the OJ, water, chick noodle soup, hot tea & rest. Actually, it's not too bad since it forces me to stop working in garden/yard/house and just rest/sleep/read. Get well quick!!

    1. Hi Areeda, thanks for the get well wishes. I usually cannot be still for this long, but being sick really changes my perspective on that! Good old chicken noodle soup does seem to help, plus all the other liquids.

  4. Sanda, we've gotten a taste of what it will be like when you retire, and none of us like it! :) You are missed around the office. I hope you feel better soon. Lots of sleep is always a good thing, especially when you are sick.

    1. Thanks Megan, I would much rather have been at work than be sick. I think I've had plenty of sleep. I will see you Monday!


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