Saturday, September 21, 2013

Billy Reid: Fashion Designer

Billy Reid is an American fashion designer known for his classic styles in high quality fabrics featuring unusual accents - "low-fi Southern-bred luxury," according to Reid's website.

His line is primarily men’s clothing with a spattering of women’s clothing as well. Many androgynous leather bags are available, which is naturally what caught my eye when I visited the store.

(Forgot to check the price on this one!)


The company headquarters and flagship store is in downtown Florence, Alabama, in a turn of the 20th century bookstore. The shop is downstairs and upstairs is his design studio. 

Reid has grown from the initial flagship store in Alabama, and showroom in Manhattan, to ten storefronts including shops on Bond Street in New York City, Dallas, Nashville, Charlotte, Charleston, Houston and Atlanta.

Fall 2013

Spring 2014

Fall 2013

Nice men's leather loafers

 K-Swiss/Billy Reid sneakers
Around $80

Men's Shirts

Men's distressed leather jacket

Ladies coat, dress and top

Ladies Car Coat $895

Ties galore

Men's Jackets

Decorated T
How Southern is this?

His style has been defined as "classic American style with a Southern flair; classic but with a modern aesthetic." His line is known for its excellent tailoring and a philosophy of sustaining traditional crafts such as leather-working  both in the United States and in Italy.

A touch of Southern charm extends beyond the clothing, as stores are notable for their atmosphere of faded elegance, including Persian rugs covering dark hardwood floors, worn velvet antique chairs, artwork and animal trophies, antique chandeliers, framed family photographs and antique apothecary cabinets.

You walk into the flagship store and it feels as if you are stepping into his home.

Reid's clothes are sold in many Bloomingdales and Nordstrom stores across the US. 

What a unique idea for dressing rooms:

Old distressed doors

Walls decorated with old photographs

Reid worked in the design industry for many years, launching his label, Billy Reid, in 2004. He has won many awards, including GQ’s “Best New Menswear Designer in America, ” CFDA/Vogue Fashion Fund prize, and CFDA’s “Menswear Designer of the Year” award.

He has collaborated with Coach, J. Crew, Gap and possibly other companies for certain items.

Billy Reid
Google image
Locally, Reid is known as a “bon vivant,” reflected in his love of good music, good food, and conversation. He has supported and promoted local talent – from bands to chefs to craftsmen to artists to photographers.

From some of the chatter I overheard in the store, Reid is a favorite stop for musicians and bands from Nashville and other places. I heard it said that Mumford & Sons, an English folk rock band, had shopped in the store the day I was there.

Read more about Billy Reid and view his collections here.


  1. What an interesting acquaintance!
    I indeed liked the main store, so differently decorated.
    I also went to explore the articles sold, and having seen the brown alligator bag - I needed to see no more.
    Had I the money in my pocket, the bag would be mine ; )!

    Thank you for presenting this designer ( shop ).
    An extra + for the working done in Italy and the States!

    1. Mette, I should have known you would find something pleasing! The brown alligator bag would suit you perfectly. I, too, like that he has his garments made here and supports local artisans. The shop is a most pleasant stop!

  2. What a lovely store - I think my husband would love to shop there!

    1. There is so much to see while in the store, not even counting the clothing items. I love the decor; so rich and warm. The line is definitely more "men things" than women s.

  3. The clothes and feel of the store have a nice country/smart feel to them, but what about that photo showing Fall 3013 - we will all be long gone by then!!!

    1. Oh dear; I made a mistake didn't I? Going to correct that now. I'm sure it's the first mistake I've ever made. HAHA

  4. The russet colours of the Fall (3013!) picture are so now,first day of Autumn here.I could browse for hours,the photo collages are a great idea,similar to how I display my b/w ones.The layout of the shop represents the elegant clothes.

    1. Thankfully, autumn has arrived and these colors do reflect the season well; perfect for you - a redhead. I love the way these photos are displayed. Do you put yours into frames? Neat idea; something I need to think about doing as well.

  5. What interesting things about a store we have visited and to think he is coming to celebrate a goat cheese processing plant opening in my little hometown of Elkmont AL in Oct. A must attend for us!! Great facts!

    1. That's right! He will be at Belle Chevre Oct. 12. We definitely must attend. His shop decor makes you want to see how his house is done.

  6. Love the sign about cornbread...makes me want to pop down to the kitchen! After 6 weeks in France I feel I've had the first real summer for years and I just haven't got my head around autumn yet. Must get out my boots - those always cheer me up if anything can.

    1. I thought that tee was funny! Lucky you, 6 weeks in France! Looking forward to your post of what you did while there. I love it when autumn arrives and we can pull out the warmer things, including boots.

  7. Classy store. It must be a pleasure to shop there. The few women's clothes you feature look well made and like something a person could invest in and wear for ages. ( I do keep my clothes for ages, LOL!)


    1. I've never bought anything in the store, but it sure is fun looking around. None of the garments tempted me, but the bags surely did. Also, some very nice ladies boots. Same here; keep and wear my things forever.

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