Tuesday, May 15, 2012

Animal Smiles for the Day

Do you ever receive e-mails with animal pictures? I used to receive many, but not so much any more. But today I got a batch of pictures that were so darned cute that I want to share them with you. I hope they make you smile; they certainly did me!

I told you not to give me that last beer…

I'm starting to get annoyed

So this is where you live, eh?

Wait, wait…

Dude your breath is curling my ear!

I shor does luv you!


Who me? I wasn't doing anything

Hee Hee

Now how do I get down?

Darlin', wake me at 3:00

Don’t tell anybody

Wait a minute...what' wrong with this picture?

If you want something done right…

There are others! But this is enough for one day. I will share the remainder of them with you tomorrow!


  1. LOL Sanda,you have made my day.
    Especially the horse being lead by the labrador,my friends have horses and their 3 retrievers lead their horses in from the fields...wonderful sight.

    Thank you for the photos,looking forward to the next batch. Ida

  2. Thanks, Ida. Animal pictures are the best, aren't they?

  3. Oh my, these are terrific! All of them. Thank you for the treat : )!

    1. I love animal pictures And I love animals even more. I know you do as well!

  4. These made me smile - they are all precious.

    1. We need something to make us smile each day! Bring on the animals.


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