Friday, May 25, 2012

Too Many Handbags

I imagine every woman has a weakness when it comes to something she cannot, or finds it difficult, to refuse when shopping. My weakness is handbags. I have tons of them; too many to count. I thought I might try to take a picture of them all, but such an undertaking proved impossible. But I did pull out a few from my closet and those are below. In a spare bedroom closet, a shelf in a walk-in is piled high with purses in every style imaginable.

Mind you, most of mine are not expensive. I have two Brahmin bags; a Cynthia Rowley; and the rest range in price from cheap to $150.

Why so many? Because I'm on a quest to find the perfect one to suit my needs. Haven't found it yet. A few years ago I decided to design one. I did, and made a prototype with fabric and stiffener and pinned it together. I worked with it until it suited me, but somehow I never got around to having one made up by professionals who know how and have the equipment to do such things.

So the search goes on. I like large bags and most of mine are. I tend to take around "my life" in my handbag.
The Cynthia Rowley is probably my favorite handbag. It looks good with any shoe and outfit.
Here are a few I pulled out of my bedroom closet. The picture is not good and it's difficult to show them. Most are winter bags, which I need to take from the closet and replace with more summery ones from the upstairs closet.

I've been using this bag for a few weeks. It's another favorite. It expands to accommodate anything I might want to add. It wasn't expensive  The quilting and gold chain give it the feel of a Chanel.

I have several straw bags and will soon begin to use one of those now that summer has arrived. I'm thinking that the size of my bags will decrease when I no longer go to an office to work each day. But not to worry; I won't have to buy a new one. I'll just shop my closet and find the right size bag to use in my retirement!


  1. Thanks for the peek into your closet. I just love seeing other people's stuff!
    I have an old small black Coach bag that is over 20 years old that I stick inside a larger tote, which used to be a Coach Bucket Hobo that was over 30 years old. I finally replaced the Hobo with a black leather tote, that one of my nieces spotted at the Coach outlet store in Portland a few years ago. I ended up paying less for it (she had a coupon too) than I had for the tiny one I bought over 20 years ago. This works best for me. The large tote can be left in the trunk when I want a sleeker night time look.

    1. Delving into closets is painful, especially when decisions need to be made on what to keep, what not to. I'm with you: I love seeing other people's stuff, too.

  2. The first bag looks suitable for you.
    I have had a weakness for bags as well. Only a few years ago I had ( imo ) many bags, but just now, I have narrowed the number to 4.
    I no longer seek for a designer " it- bag ", been there, seen it. I think the " it- bag " hysteria is over.
    Like you, I do like big bags, as they form a part of my outfit.
    I´d like to have a bag no one knows about, a bag just for me.
    Are you sure, that you need to save all the bags you have? Leather not worn gets stiff.

    1. Hi Mette,
      I'm going to begin getting rid of some of my stuff! Handbags, as well as clothing! Stay tuned!

  3. Interesting! You have many beautiful bags and all are so "you". Somehow every one I buy I "think" is THE one but it doesn't take many weeks to know it was another mistake. I purchased "THE" one when I retired - I will be using it a long time but it doesn't seem to matter as much. You have MANY beautiful ones to suit every need and outfit.

    1. Hi Sissy,
      I keep telling myself I won't buy another one. Most of the time it doesn't work!

  4. Like the shape of the white bag,you must spend a lot of time changing items from one bag to another.

    Like you my weakness is/was done to 5 + 2 will go to auction later in the year. Ida

    1. Hello Ida,
      Yes it's a pain, always changing out handbags. You have done well -- to reduce your handbags down to 5! Congratulations.

  5. Whoops, meant down to 5!! Ida


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