Wednesday, May 16, 2012

More Animal Smiles

Today I will share the remainder of the cute animal pictures. There's nothing like a sweet, cute animal to bring a smile to our faces. This batch was particularly appealing, in my opinion. 
This Isn't the A-Train, You Know

I'm starting to get annoyed…

Yep, I peed

When I said my ears were cold I had no idea you'd take it so seriously

Cat headband

When I said I wanted a little brother I meant a DOG

I keep on telling you, I’m not a duck!

Wait, wait…

And saving the best for last:

Air flossing!


  1. Just what I needed today, thanks!

    1. Hope it helped cheer you a bit and that Hempel is more "himself" today.

  2. So sweet makes me all broody for a pup.Ida

    1. Ida, you'll have me running to the dictionary, or more likely Google, to find the meaning of "broody." But I get the idea of what it means.


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