Sunday, May 27, 2012

My Go To Wardrobe and a Give Away

I've decided that I will give away one of my Brahmin handbags. It was purchased about 1998 but it still looks "brand new." No scratches in the leather; a small ink stain inside on the lining. I take very good care of my bags, and this one has been stored in its own fabric bag when not in use.

All you have to do to enter the drawing for this bag is to sign in and leave me a comment below. It's that easy. I will have a random drawing and announce the winner on Monday, June 4. I will ask the winner to e-mail her address and I'll ship it out.

Now maybe no one cares to have this bag; perhaps it doesn't suit your taste, but it seems a good way for me to begin reducing the number of items I have in my closet, especially handbags! This bag is a bit too small for me; I have come to love larger bags. On certain occasions, this one might work for me, but I have another Brahmin bag and I really want to give this one away!
Size: Approx. 11x8.5x5.5 inches

Regarding my favorite pieces of clothing -- the ones I wear over and over again and never tire of include this skirt, the only one I really need for summer (my pictures have not turned out so good. I don't know how to attractively photograph clothing items, but I think you get the idea.
I bought it two years ago. Three-tiered, cotton with lace insets, very long. Great with sandals and a tee.

Black jeans, white jeans, both Ralph Lauren. Bought both last year. White cotton ankle pants from Talbots. Black short sleeve tee (cheap and replaced each summer). A stripped stretch knit shirt from Talbots with 3/4 sleeves and quite long, the way I like my tops. Anyone knowing me and seeing me often has seen me in this shirt. I bought it three years ago and I dread for the day I'll have to discard it. My favorite, and pictured again below:

These pictures do not show these clothing items in an attractive manner. When I look at the above picture it looks huge, which it is not. It's a size small!

Another black tee with a different neckline; a Ralph Lauren black and white boat-neck cotton tee, sleeves have a cuff; white sleeveless cotton sweater.
LBD, sleevless and v-neck from Talbots; Black silk crinkle jacket from Chicos.
New purchase this season. Navy skinny jeans and navy and white shirt, both from Ralph Lauren. The quality of these pictures is bad and doesn't do this cute outfit justice.
If I want to add color, it's usually red. This knit from Ralph Lauren was purchased at the end of year sales (2011). Originally $89, purchased for $24. I have not yet worn it.

Silk jacket by Jones New York. Purchased last year. Can mix and match with almost everything.

As you can see, my wardrobe is rather boring! But I like it this way. Everything more or less can be mixed and matched. The other things I haven't pictured that are my go to items include a white cotton shirt from Chico's, a slim black pencil skirt from Jones New York and my black trenchcoat from Talbots. The coat is three years old and I love, love it!

I dress the items up when needed with pearls of many descriptions and lengths, scarves, pashimas and shawls.

That's it. I believe I could live with not much more than the above. I shall keep this in mind as I continue to streamline my wardrobe and rid my closet of many items.

Tell me about your favorite wardrobe pieces. What are your favorites, the things you wear over and over again?

And don't forget to leave me a comment below for your name to be entered to win the handbag pictured above. Winner to be announced June 4.

Tomorrow we observe Memorial Day in the U.S., in memory of all those service members who have given their lives in the service of their country. We honor them with a national holiday. Government offices are closed and I have a day off from work.


  1. Hello there! Now, I actually don't want to be entered for the giveaway because I have too many bags myself! But I did want to say that I think it is incredibly generous of you to do this. The Brahmin is beautiful and they never go out of style. I also see that you and I are similar in that we stick to black and white--and that we like Ralph Lauren! :)

    1. Hello Heather
      Yes, our black and white pieces are easy to deal with! Sometimes I see bright colors and prints on others and think they look fine, but just can't go there myself!

  2. You definitely have connecting string with the clothes you chose show. That´s a good thing.
    Clothes that can be mixed and matched.
    The bag you wish to depart from, is lovely, but as I have narrowed mine down to 4, I wish to keep it at that amount, perhaps depart yet from one more.
    My favorite clothes are dull. Jeans and a long sleeved T (;

    1. Hello Mette
      Nothing can be more chic than jeans and a tee. We have to go with what our lifestyle calls for. I look forward to discarding all the "matchy" sets of jackets/skirts/pants that have been a part of my career life.

  3. Your bag is beautiful and looks new in the pictures. As I don't have a brown bag, I would like to be in the drawing. What a lovely wardrobe you have. I like your striped shirts. A striped t-shirt is something I will buy anytime I find a perfect one. I remember years when you couldn't find them as easily as now - and the ones you did find were either boy cut, or terribly expensive. My daughter would laugh at the term "boy cut" and say, "Don't you mean masculine?" That shows how long I have been enamored with the perfect striped t-shirt.
    Thanks for the glimpse of your classic Southern fashion. That skirt is the best! I have decided that living where the Summers get so hot, skirts are the most comfortable things to wear. Do you have any shorts?

    1. Great, Beryl, I definitely will drop your name into the hat for the draawing. "Southern fashion" certainly calls for "cool items," as it gets so hot here. However, I usually carry some sort of wrap when I venture out because the AC is too cold for me in most public places. Don't do shorts; have spider veins which I am extremly conscious of; plus, bugs like me and they eat me alive if I wear shorts. I agree skirts are more comfortable than slacks in hot weather!

  4. What a fabulous give away,great bag...I have no need of another bag so will skip your offer.

    Can't beat blue/white tees they always look fresh and elegant,like you I prefer my tops long.

    Hope your day off went well. Ida

    1. Hello Ida
      I know from a previous comment that you too have a weakness for handbags and have downsized them so understand you not wanting another one!

  5. Because of this "closet cleaning" I am the recipient of a very nice navy striped Ralph Lauren shirt, with a sailor collar. Love it - it looks so like my sister - I have never worn stripes as I mostly stick to solids, but I love this shirt. Keep cleaning. All your clothes and accessories are BEAUTIFUL and you always looks beautiful in them.

    1. Hello Sissy
      I am very happy that the shirt works for you. How many black/blue and white stripped shirts does one person need? I had too many. Stay tuned, you may get more (if you want them, that is!) Thank you for the kind compliment!


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