Friday, July 20, 2012

Little Things Mean a Lot

Do you ever think about what will happen to your weird stuff after you're gone? Not the good stuff, someone will definitely want to own or sell it. I'm thinking about all the little bits and pieces you've accumulated over your lifetime -- things that would mean nothing to absolutely no one but yourself.

Items such as that are packed away in boxes in the basement storage room, but today, while searching for the soft-serve ice cream maker, I saw a box that was marked "Bric-a-brac from miniature curio cabinet. So I opened it and unwrapped each piece that had been carefully wrapped in packing paper some years ago. Here's what I found:

A cute little cup and saucer, handle broken off cup, made in Japan. It looks to be handpainted. I think it was a gift from someone when I was a child. (Somewhere else among my things is a salt and pepper shaker and imprinted on the bottom is "Made in Occupied Japan." I ran across it some time back but can't recall now where I placed it)

Three little miniature hobnail pieces, two cups (one blue, one white) and a blue vase, part of the top broken off. I know they are old; were in my parents house when I was a child.

The salt and pepper shaker (chipped) was a gift from an aunt and uncle, from their trip to Hot Springs, Ark. I don't recall where the little blue vase came from, but I like it a lot. The little lantern was a Christmas gift from my parents when I was a very small child; there was a larger version as well but mine didn't survive. I believe my sister still has hers. The lanterns were filled with perfume.

A little menagerie! A paper mache dog (probably from the county fair); a little bunny from an Easter basket; a cute little lamb; a monkey; a swan and a glass elephant.

A Delft cream pitcher and a windmill trinkett, souvenirs of my trip to Holland, 1981.

A couple of items from the Estee Lauder collection, Christmas gifts from mother years ago. The soap box contains a blue bar of soap and still smells delicious after more than 30 years. I could not determine why the packing box smelled so very good until I got to the soap box! The other item is a candle, never burned.

Liberty Bell bank. I think this was a Christmas gift; don't recall my age, but I was pretty young.

A metal bank from Conoco Oil Company, my daddy's employer for many years.

A small flowerpot. I have no idea the genesis of this item, but it sat alongside mother's kitchen sink for many years. Cracked, and not really a pretty piece, but I can't part with it.

Mommie Howell's sugar bowl, top missing.

A souvenir from Rock City/Lookout Mountain, Chattanooga, Tenn.

So as you can see, just a pile of junk, really. But I keep them for sentimental purposes. They are returned to their packing box now and will there remains until someone opens it some years in the future and piles it on the trash heap. Never mind, it brought me some pleasure and that's what really matters after all.

Do you hold onto old items such as these?


  1. Dear Sanda, Funny you should bring this up...I think about that a lot, and suddenly get the urge to tidy up and throw away. The things you found appear quite nice and I see a lot of them sold on Etsy. I usually do not hang on to these things, I just don't know why, might be related to my many moves which forced me to pitch more readily. And even so, I still have too much. We wish you a happy weekend. That first cup is a really pretty blue. With love, m

    1. I think about it a lot too, but seem to never take any action about it! I am going to try and change my ways!

  2. The answer to your question is a definite NO.
    I don´t like to keep/ store stuff ( mine ) for sentimental reasons even. Well, with the exception of a puppy collar, a few mascots I bought for my first horse ( ! ).
    I gave all the childhood stuff of my first born to her, and have a box of similar, belonging to my younger one, as she still lives at home.
    But everything else has been sold at the flea market - without regrets.
    As you know, I follow the Feng Shui, which means = nothing stored in closets nor other places.
    Everything I have for myself and the house is decluttered to the utmost.
    My husband would like to get rid of his stuff too, but the task of sorting out his barn is just a too huge job ; ).
    Like Mrs LJ above, we have moved several times, which has helped a lot in departing with things. Sadly, my hb has managed to collect new stuff again.

    1. I need to get into a different mind set about holding onto things. Like the downsizing of my closet, I'm not trying to think about downsizing what I have stored away!

  3. What wonderful memories I have of all this "stuff". I have lots of it also that I can't part with and have no use of or anywhere to put it rather than packed away. There is one thing that I do have out in my house - the Estee Lauder things that Mother gave us years ago that is quite pretty. I am glad you found these and enjoyed the memories.
    Now I'm anxious to try the soft serve ice cream!

    1. I think I'll leave my soap box out too! Oh yes, the soft serve ice cream maker! I did find it and we tried it out today. Oh, it's wonderful stuff. I will make some the next time you're over. Friday!

  4. I love your stuff. It's wonderful that you were able to hang on to it all this time. Pretty little links to a loved childhood - no harm in keeping it forever.

    1. These are probably a few of the things I WILL hold onto! Nice reminders of childhood.

  5. I only have left in my home what I use,last week the last of my family silver was auctioned off,too heavy and needed cleaning.
    OK back when the family had staff.....still have some paintings that were in my bedroom as a child,also other small items that I wish to keep for now. My HB is a hoarder,when we moved he did get rid of some items especially books,but their place has been taken up with more.

    Like the Liberty bell. Ida

    1. Sounds as if you have made real progress in downsizing. Was it difficult for you to see family silver go? You HB needs to get a Kindle or Nook so he doesn't accumulate so many books, or perhaps he's like me: have a Kindle but still accumulate hard copy books!


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