Thursday, July 5, 2012

Thursday Medley

It's so hot outside that my plant needs a parasol to protect it from the midday sun. A Moonflower Vine, which will bloom in August and sweetly perfume the night air with its large pristine white blooms, is wilting when the sun is overhead. Viola, these umbrellas do the trick!

Not to be outdone by the hot summer, I decided to do a little bit on counter top gardening. Below is mint, which will root in a few days, and on the right, a piece of fresh ginger, which I'll place in a pot of soil later.

 Another view of the ginger in a little cut crystal container.

 Basil cutting. Check out the out nice roots that developed in about five days.

Here's an idea I found on Pinterest. Place green onions in water. You can almost see the green tops grow daily. You'll always have a supply of green onion tops for your recipes or salads. Change the water ever few days.

A new vegetable (for me): Fennel, a crunchy and slightly sweet vegetable most often associated with Mediterranean cuisine. I prepared the bulb last night as a side dish for fish. A simple dish to prepare, just cut cut the bulb in eighths, sprinkle on salt and pepper and drizzle on olive oil. Bake 20 minutes at 350 F. It has a taste slightly reminiscent of anise, or licorice. 

For today's lunch, I added the feathery fronds to my salad. (Lettuce, arugula, tomato, carrot, bits of leftover fish, black olives, celery, pineapple, radish, roasted red peppers, croutons and shallot vinaigrette dressing). This salad was way too large; I just got too carried away adding everything I could find in the refrigerator! 

Happiness if having a bowl of fresh vegetables on the kitchen counter. Besides, they are so pretty!

 And finally a few photos of the full moon on July 2.

What small things of life make you happy?


  1. Great idea using the umbrellas. Your salad looks great. I use fennel in a French Green Lentil salad, but I lightly fry it first. I keep meaning to post the recipe, but need to find the pictures first. Your fennel bulb picture is really good - makes me hungry!

    1. Hi Beryl
      I enjoyed the fennel. Will definitely buy it again. Will look forward to your French Green Lentil salad recipe.

  2. Definitely a colourful salad every day makes me happy! and with chunks of fish added, especially good! I might try the umbrella idea next summer with some of my balcony plants - great idea, thank you. I see you have Very Green thumbs, Sanda :)

    1. Hi Patricia
      My green thumbs turn brown when we go so long without rain, as is the case right now. I need more umbrellas to protect more plants!

  3. Sanda,you will have to publish an e-book for your followers you really have green fingers.

    I had a raw salad of fennel,seville orange,chicory & kohlrabi with seville orange vinaigrette,poached salmon on the side, was delish!Ida

    1. Hi Ida,
      That salad sounds divine. Did you make it yourself, or have it in a restaurant? I like Kohlrabi but about the only way to get it around here is to grow it yourself, which I did one year. Isn't readily available in the markets. Most folks are not that familiar with it.

      An E-book, that's an intriguing idea!

  4. You have really benefitted from your childhood, where vegetables were well represented. As a matter of fact, I have always wondered, why many in US ( at least earlier ) ate so little fresh fruit and vegetables, even when they are so easily available, and I suppose much cheaper than the ones we buy here.
    Once again, my small little ( actually big ) happy things in life, is having washed the horse and the dog. Love to do it and love to see those clean guys!
    Clean, white sheets and clean clothes after a shower.
    These are my favorite things : ).

    1. Hi Mette,
      I could easily be a vegetarian, as I prefer fruits and vegetables to most meat. I enjoy chicken, fish and beef occasionally, but I must have my dairy products!
      Great that you have the dog and horse bathed. And I too can identify with the look, feel and smell of clean white sheets. A happy weekend to you!


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