Monday, July 23, 2012

Small Town Shopping is Fun!

There's a cute little shop in my town called Sugar Creek Soap & Candles. They specialize in handmade soaps and candles made on the premises, but they also carry a great many other gift items. 

I rarely go into the shop, but today had an occasion to drop in and the merchandise was so colorful I couldn't resist getting a few photos.

Rogersville is a "one red-light" town, and the shop is located on the main drag, alongside many other specialty shops that I may feature here in the near future.

The shop offers a large selection of handmade soaps, made from goat's milk.

Candles in various shaped glass containers in many scents are available.

There are many items with collegiate logos, Alabama and Auburn being well represented.

A pretty display, consisting of plants both live and dry, is near the front of the store.

And when you think you've seen everything, look up and there's still more!

I am not sure what these glass bowls/jars are used for, but they were very colorful!

Here is another shelf filled with gift items.

An attractive display of ceramic items and a bird cage with artificial greenery.

Able assistance is provided by Brandy.

And as you enter or leave, be sure to see Mr. Potts, constructed from what else? clay flower pots!

Read more about Sugar Creek Soap & Candles and the wide variety of scented soaps and candles.

If you're in the area, be sure to visit. Let me know and I'll meet you there!


  1. We had many similar shops here,but many have gone out of business due to our economy.

    Personally I am not keen on them,the 'less is more' especially at my age.

    Like the natural soaps,have you tried their goat's milk one?

    Mr Potts is cute. Ida

    1. Hello Ida,
      I've seen other shops around here go out of business as well, due to the economy. I know what you mean about "less is more" at this stage. I don't buy such things for myself, but younger people enjoy such things.
      Their goat's milk soap is very nice; a very high-lathering soap.

  2. One-red-light towns are so special ...where one always finds something unique. : )

    1. Ha-ha. Yes, and everything in small towns are special because there are so few places to entertain oneself!

  3. Our " similarish " shop went out of business due to the owner´s illness. The previous ones have gone out of business too.
    Therefore, it was nice to see the one over your place.
    This is how I like to shop and travel = no money needed. I must say, that the shop really has a lot of things. Something for everyone, and I believe that the prices are reasonable.

  4. Very pretty shop. I have never been in it but someday soon maybe I can meet you there. Good publicity for the shop and will hopefully get some customers in, especially me!

  5. Mette, I'm with you: virtual shopping is best! And yes, the shop has so much it's almost visual overload.

    Sissy, let's meet and take a picnic to the park -- after the weather cools a bit, of course!

  6. Mr. Pots is adorable. I like to buy nice candles when I see them. A few for me and a few to keep on hand for gifts.



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