Saturday, July 14, 2012

My Food Basket Runneth Over

There’s something nice about having a bowl of beautiful fresh vegetables and fruits on the kitchen counter. I admit it; fresh produce is a weakness and I tend to overbuy. But not often! I usually get creative and think of new and innovative ways to use up the bounty from the grocery store.

I can make a decent meal with a few potatoes, an onion, eggs, some herbs and cheese. But give me fresh fruits and vegetables and I can do very good things.

Many of my friends and acquaintances say they hate food shopping, but I actually love it! It takes me forever in the grocery store because I want to look at everything. It’s eye candy and today was no exception.  I drove the 18 miles to my favorite grocery store, Publix, in Athens.

I entered the store and was greeted by fresh flowers:

and potted ones:

There were lots of enticing choices in the bakery. I bought a croissant to eat in honor of Bastille Day, but I'll have to save it for Sunday breakfast.

Look at the size of those strawberries on the chocolate cake. I thought it was crabapples until I took a closer look!

Special order wedding cakes are available:


Mango and avocado

A friend of mine from north Florida grows these Tasti-Lee tomatoes and ships them all over the country. Watch for them in your store, and if you don't find them, ask that they be stocked. They are the finest tomatoes you can buy.

Lettuces, kale, leeks, beets, carrots, green onions, broccoli



Fresh fruit cut up and ready to eat!

The fresh fish counter

A good assortment of vinegar and oil

Back to school? Summer only started!


Nuts and popcorn

Healthy snacks occupy a small space

but the junk food takes up an entire isle, the only food category with such a distinction.

Processed food loaded with additives, salt and fat. No, thank you; I always pass this up.

Ice cream



And finally, it's time to check out and head home.

Hope you are having a great weekend. It's raining in my part of the world


  1. What a beautiful store! I have heard nice things about Publix Markets, but we don't have them here. I'm like you in the grocery store. When we are in a hurry and only need one or two things, I wait in the car, because otherwise we would be late, since I love to browse all the aisles. Thanks for the pictures.

    1. Hi Beryl
      The chain is based in Florida. They started expanding outside the state several years ago and I surely was glad they came here. Definitely a great chain! I am pleased to hear you a partner in crime with me for wanting to buy everything you see in the grocery store!

  2. The store is similar to our's over here,Sainsbury's,Waitrose etc.

    We also have an abundance of fresh veg; and fruit,this week we have had leeks/broccoli/broad beans +peas in the pod...HB does the shelling of the last 2 items.
    Like your friends I am not keen on grocery shopping,HB would do it but he overspends on naughty items!

    It is St Swithin's today and the old saying is 'if it rains on St Swithins it will rain for 40 days and nights' (my dear MIL totally belived these fables..bless her).If this is true we will need to take to Noah's ark ...the county I live in has flooding,a month's rain fell Friday night.Ida

    1. Hello Ida,
      Lucky you to charm your HB into shelling the peas and beans! My HB does a similar thing when he stops; comes home with many sweet items!
      I am not familiar with St. Swithin. I will Google it to learn more. Oh dear, hope your rain ends soon. We were so dry for so long, and now it seems to rain every day!
      Stay dry!

  3. Your favorite store looks well organized, clean and has a tremendous amount of fruit and vegetables. And are they all from nearby? Btw, I like your milk bottles, they are h u g e!
    We have very similar shops over here too. But - as known, I won´t go to grocery shops.
    I´m always bothered by the sum my shoppings cost.
    Before we changed to euros, a full plastic bag of food would cost 100 Finnish marks. Today this would be 17 euros.
    I could never ever get a full bag with that sum now. Today a full food bag costs 100 euros!
    Quite a change.
    We too have an isle for chips and likes. The other side of the isle is full of cokes and lemonade bottles. And people seem to buy these every day.
    Naturally the candies are placed so, that you have to pass them on your way out. What a pain this is for parents shopping with children along.
    But then again, it seems that going grocery shopping is one sort of free time activity for many families.
    As I end my comment, it is raining over here too, heh.

    1. Hello Mette
      Not all the items are from nearby (we have to go to the farmers' stands for that). Many of the vegetables are from Florida and California. The peaches are local at this time of year, but most of the fruits are imported from all over. In this area blueberries, peaches, apples are the primary fruits raised.
      I am not sure how to compare what you pay for groceries to what we pay here, but on average I spend about $100/week on groceries for two people (but that includes dog food, cat food and some cleaning supplies).
      I have heard it said that the most healthful foods will always be placed on the very exterior all around the store and I believe that's true. As I think about it, that's where the produce, meat, milk and dairy are located.
      You stay dry too!
      I know it was a trying few days for you with the service for your MIL.

    2. Oh, regarding the milk bottles: I almost did not include this picture, as I thought it was rather boring. Then I though, well, why not? Perhaps people in other areas buy their milk in different containers and it might be nice to compare the differences. So I'm glad I included that picture. We may purchase in pint, quart, half-gallon and gallon containers, all plastic now.

  4. As many ways we are so similar, this is not one of them! I hate the grocery shopping. I am very lucky that husband loves to do this so most of the time he has the honor. Sometimes I do go along and get so fidgety and bored with the time it takes to do it.
    Those are really some good pictures of the nice fruits and veggies and your bowl on the counter is so pretty.

    1. And you are lucky to have a husband who loves to grocery shop! This way, you can stay home and create more of those gorgeous hydrangea arrangements!

  5. Oh, my favorite store, PUBLIX .. I'm not a real grocery shopper, but there are times I love to go and wander around in Publix looking at all the different foods they have. Their store is always so clean, and fresh, I love that. I like it when they have my favorite foods, buy 1 get 1 free, I stock up. I remember back in the 1970's when we lived in Orlando, Fl. Publix and Pantry Pride were the two major grocery stores. I shopped Publix most of the time.
    Great story, and yummy pictures..

    1. I believe I had almost forgotten you once lived in Orlando. Yes, the buy 1/get 1 free deals are great at Publix. Come for a visit soon and I will prepare one of my yummy salads for you!

  6. I enjoy my food buying trips too. The supermarket for staples and lots of little this and that shops for things like produce, bread, cheese, pasta. I know many people want to get everything in one place but I'm happy visiting several shops as none are too far away.



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