Monday, July 16, 2012

My New Yellow Boots

If you live in the country, you need a pair of boots. Not the fashion kind; I have several pairs of those. But you need the rubber ones that can be hosed off; the high-top kind that get you through the high grass, or the mud on rainy days.

Our recent rainy days put me on the trail of finding them, and I did:

My new yellow boots

I have had several pairs of outdoorsince we began living a rural life 19 years ago, but I was negligent, left them out in the weather and they deteriorated and had to be discarded.

I had thought I might purchase the classic British Wellies, but they can cost as much as $300. As sometimes happens, I wasn’t looking for rain boots on the day I found them. No, they are not fancy, and they were really cheap: $15.00. Nevertheless, they will suit my purposes of walking dogs on damp mornings, taking food to the kittens at the barn and gardening on wet days.

And they are yellow! To match my Gap rain slicker. Do you think it’d be too much if I also wore my yellow sunglasses? (Oh wait, if it’s raining I won’t need my sunglasses, will I?)

I am going to be very precise in taking good care of them. No leaving them out in the weather. Always remembering to wash them off and allowing them to dry before I bring them inside.

Image Credit: Digital Photography School

Now if I could just find two sets (you can't says "pairs," can you? A dog requires four!) of dog boots I’d be in good stead. How wonderful that would be not to have to clean eight dog paws on rainy days. (I just did a quick web search and learned that the boots are available at PETCO. I’m going to spring for them!)

By the way, years ago when I had a Cocker Spaniel, I did buy little boots for him. It was hilarious watching him try walk. He was able to kick them off in a moment so that didn’t work out so well.
Image credit: The Green Head/Pawz Natural Rubber Dog Boots

If anyone has ever dressed a dog in rain boots, please let me know what success you had!


  1. Hi Sanda

    I love your yellow boots and they bring cheer to a dull day.

    I have not put boots on our dogs. They have always been rather macho and they would likely kick them off.

    Have a glorious week

    1. Hi Helen
      They are bright, aren't they? I'm hoping they'll bring sunshine to a rainy day. What kind of dogs do you have?
      Here's hoping you have a great week as well!

  2. I love your yellow boots! Not a clue if rain boots for dogs would be successful, but wouldn't it be cute if you could find yellow boots for them to match yours?

    1. Hi Beryl,
      Finding yellow boots for the dogs would be extremely cool! Wish me luck!

  3. No weather attire for dogs in my part of UK they are mostly working dogs sheep collies,shooting retrieves etc.

    My daily wear this year has been the same,green Hunter boots,Barbour.....blends in with the countryside!

    Like your yellow boots brings a nice burst of colour,and cheers me up to see them.....have noticed more colourful boots on the younger set.

    Maybe I need to upgrade. Ida

    1. Hello Ida,
      I know you would like to have a dog again. Hoping you'll be able to convince your HB soon. The boots you have for outdoor wear sound nice!

  4. Love the yellow boots - my favorite color! Hope you can find some matching ones for Val and Kris. You have ALWAYS loved boots. I will try to get a picture one day of you wearing these and you can post on the blog.

    1. Hi Sissy
      I remember how jealous I was when your got your first red boots in 1st grade and I pitched a fit for a pair of my own. Then I pitched another fit when I was taken to Carlock's to get ugly old galoshes!

  5. I love your boots Sanda...I had them in white when I was little. I have seen people put clothing on their dogs...I only wish I could read their minds! Have a great day!

    1. Ha-Ha! It likely wouldn't be pleasant to read their little minds. I've always thought it was cruel to dress up dogs in clothes for the amusement of their owners!

  6. What a delight to see yellow boots! They might just work in your part of the world.
    But, back to reality to our quarters.
    I have had my military green Aigle winter rubber boots for many years. And I have to wear them daily, several hours. They are ok.
    As to dog boots, no way would Morty wear those. I just dry his paws ( very difficult ), let him inside and shut my eyes. Next day I clean the floors.
    Spring is worse than autumn. I´m referring to the dirt.

    1. Hi Mette
      Yes, as dog owners we have to learn to live with some of the debris our dogs bring in. We just have to love them enough to endure it! I'm not familiar with Aigle boots. I will look them up. Must be very nice if they have lasted for many years!


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