Saturday, December 1, 2012

31 Things to Do in December

Welcome to December, the month that for many is the busiest of the year. The countdown has begun, but just to keep sane here are a few suggestions -- some light and some serious --  of things to do for yourself and others throughout the month.

1. Go outside to watch a December sunrise and sunset. You will be rewarded with the beauty of the winter sky.

2. Be extra nice to salespeople in stores. They are likely more stressed than you are.

3. Tie a red plaid bow on your pet’s collar.

4. Compliment at least three people every day. This is a gift that’s always appreciated.

5. Wear a Christmas apron while cooking in the kitchen.

6. Set out a bowl of nuts, oranges and apples in the living room.

7. Buy a big red candle for the kitchen table and light it every night at dinner during the holidays.

8. Never give a gift to someone else you wouldn’t want to receive yourself.

9. Watch a Christmas movie, such as It’s a Wonderful Life or White Christmas.

10. Bake something heavily laden with spices. It makes the house smell so good.

11. Fill your house with the holiday fragrance throughout the month by simmering orange peel, cinnamon and cloves on the kitchen stove.

12. Buy a red robe or pajamas that you’ll wear only on Christmas Eve each year.

13. Attend a Christmas parade.

14. The best solution for the holiday blues is doing something nice for someone else
15. Make a donation to the Humane Society.

16. Wrap Christmas gifts as you buy them.

17. Don’t forget the birds. Hang a feeder near your kitchen window so you can enjoy them.

18. Throw orange or tangerine peels into the fireplace for a spicy aroma.

19. Learn the names of Santa’s reindeer.

20. Set aside twenty minutes each day to catch your breath. Make yourself a cup of tea, put your feet up and don’t answer the phone.

21. Allow someone with just a few items to go ahead of you in the grocery store line.

22. Don’t allow a rude person to steal your Christmas joy.

23. Give a pint of blood. It’s the gift of life.

24. If you have friends who have lost family members since last Christmas, make a special effort to telephone or write a note to cheer them during the holidays.

25. Buy a live plant – a poinsettia, red amaryllis, rosemary or a Christmas-y evergreen --  and place it somewhere in the house where you see and enjoy it each day.

26. Keep holiday music playing throughout the day and night in your house or car.

27. Never prepare new recipes for holiday meals unless you've tried them out at least once beforehand.

28. Place a warm coat in a box on the street. Hopefully, it will be  found by someone who needs it.

29. Make a donation to a Christmas charity or homeless shelter.

30. When you put away your Christmas lights, wrap each strand around a large empty gift box and slip a plastic bag over it.

31. On New Year’s Eve, light three candles and think about the three things that happened this year for which you are most thankful.


  1. Oh, these are actually all charming small to-do things.
    I have to admit, that I am able only to follow some of them. The red plaid bow will be set first on Christmas Eve on Morty, though it might be his very own Christmas Ball bow.
    Over here, we are advised to buy something we expect will please the one receiving the gift, although it might not be something just we would wish to have.
    I´ll be wearing my Christmas apron during the Christmas holidays.
    All in all, great ideas: ).

    1. I'm sure there are many more things that could be added to this list but these were some that came to mind in a hurry. Have you seen the reindeer antlers for dogs, mounted on a headband to sit atop? I have those and can get my dogs to leave them on only long enough for a quick picture. They are quite hilarious! Maybe I'll place a picture on my blog in coming days of Kris and Val wearing them!

  2. Great list, some things I already do but some I might try out this year. I was just thinking about buying a Poinsettia this morning.


    1. I have a poinsettia from last year that I've kept alive in my sunroom. It's beginning to turn red so I'm hoping I can move it into the house in coming days. They are so pretty but don't always like the heated house.

      I hope the bad weather in Calif. has not affected you too badly. Happy Sunday.

  3. What a sweet list and so in the spirit of Christmas. I try to watch a Christmas movie everyday, with John joining me viewing on the weekends. Thanks!

    1. What are your favorite Christmas movies? Mine include Moonstruck (although not technically a Christmas movie, we like to watch it around the holidays); Family Man; A Charlie Brown Christmas; and of course It's a Wonderful Life.

  4. Isn't Moonstruck just the best! Family Man is also a great Christmas movie. Another one in the same vein would be Sandra Bullock's While You Were Sleeping. I like Muppet Christmas Carol the best of all the adaptations of Charles Dickens' story. Miracle on 34th Street. All the Mrs. Miracles ones from the Debbie Macomber books. And How the Grinch Stole Christmas, of course.

  5. I like the Muppet Christmas Carol, too. Haven't seen any of the Mrs. Miracles ones. Will check those out.


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