Friday, December 14, 2012

Christmas Old and New

A meet up for lunch with three special women -- my sister and two cousins -- also included a visit to a very unique store in Athens, the U.G. White Hardware Store. In business since 1917, the store carries specialty products in a unique atmosphere.

To be found there are housewares, lawn and garden items, knives, nails, bird feeders, outdoor clothing, kitchenware, groceries and best of all - recreated old time toys.

White's toys are made by Channel Craft, which uses skilled craftsmen to create these aesthetically appealing toys of yesteryear.

How nice to find the games of Tiddly Winks, marbles,dominoes, jump ropes and Tin Penny Whistles, and many more, all made in the U.S.A.

What a neat store. I love visiting it, especially at Christmas.

I LOVED these Wax Lips when I was a kid. Haven't seen them in years.

You might know I couldn't resist buying one and of course my sister insisted she make my picture made wearing them! A lady walked by, laughed and said it looked like a Botox job gone wrong!

Penny candy on the carousel (Mary Janes, Banana Kisses and many others, now sells for $5.99 per pound!

Note the man whittling cedar in the upper right of this picture.

I asked the lady behind the cash register what is done with the shavings produced from the whittling demonstration. She replied they are just swept into the trash. I asked if I could have them and she gladly produced a bag to pack them into.

More closet sachets!

Remember these? Made from a man's work sock

How funny is this? Clever marketing, no?

Wash day accessories from times gone by

Peanuts are roasted and sold in the store

The lunch crew - Darry, Becky, Edith and me.
 A little further along, we visited some gift shops featuring the typical Christmas bling:

Bright and colorful things, but I wasn't tempted by anything! Isn't it funny how very pretty all these things look when massed together in stores, but when you get the two or three things home they don't look nearly so nice; they just look lost, at least to me they do.

Lots of Vera Bradley!

A nice day indeed! And I only bought the red wax lips. My lunch was on the house, but that's another story I'll tell you about later. My companions thought I made out quite well -- free lunch, free cedar shavings and $1.50 for the lips.

I hope everyone has a great weekend.


  1. What a fun day with great friends.
    My sister was enough entertainment for us all....she's
    quite a a fun loving way!
    Loved the hardware store items along with glitter of other stores.
    Great day...look forward to more.

    1. It was indeed a fun day! Love being with sister and cousins who also are the best of friends!

  2. Gorgeous group of girls .. you can tell you are all related!
    What a great store, with many, many attractive items with that hint of nostalgia I love. I know I would have a ball in there. That was a brilliant idea to get the cedar shavings; with that plus the herbs you are using, no moths will dare enter the premises.

    1. I think there is a family resemblance among us all. This store does Internet order I believe, in case you ever want to order anything. A very unique store.

  3. What a day we had ! Good food, good shopping, great weather, what more could we ask for.
    Cousin "outings" are the best fun ..

    Darry (cousin)

    1. Well, I could have had better luck with my lunch order, but all's well that ends well, right?

  4. Heh, you really overdid it with Botox!
    Despite the store being a really big one ( from my perspective ), I must say that everything looks well organized.
    You mentioned the Domino blocks, it is a fun entertainment.
    Great, that everything is made in the States.

    You are right about the Xmas decorations. It looks amazing as a whole, but buying only some selected items for your home - and the lure of it disappears.
    Like you, I only wish for some simple Xmas details for our home - the tree and the Amaryllis + the smell of Xmas food.

    You are so lucky to have your relatives to spend a fabulous meeting for lunch and some shopping.
    Thank you for the interesting pictures too!

    1. I have seen Botox jobs that look almost that bad!! The store is indeed well organized and it's very large. It would take hours to see everything. Yes, I do know that I am lucky, Mette.

  5. Beautiful ladies, beautiful store, beautiful outing.. Ohhhhh, wish I'd been there.

    1. Thank you. Next time we'll call you up and you travel down to join us!

  6. Now that is taking Trout Pout to a whole new level! You are a braver woman than I for showing that photo!!

    I loved that store too--it took me right back to Kean's Five and Dime in Mason, MI when I was little.

    1. Oh, do you think I should remove it from the blog? I can be a real clown at times, and that's exactly what I look like in that photo!!


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