Saturday, December 15, 2012

Happy 90th Birthday to a Sweet Aunt

Beautiful then (1941)

Aunt Helen Faye, who celebrated her 90th birthday today, pictured here with hew new husband James, my daddy's youngest brother. Shortly after they were married, he was shipped overseas to serve in World War II. He was stationed in Belgium. 

And beautiful still (2012)

Aunt Helen Faye at her 90th birthday party Dec. 15, 2012.

She was joined my many friends and family members for the special occasion.

Aunt Helen Faye visiting with her brother-in-law Paul. In the  background is her daughter Barbara.
I have such good memories of this aunt from when I was a child. I visited her daughter, my cousin Jackie, at their home and we had such fun together.

At my grandfather's house, the children always drew names for Christmas giving, and I always hoped one of Aunt Helen Faye's daughters drew my name. She always selected the neatest gifts and they were wrapped and decorated in such a festive way.

One year I received two Little Golden Books from Jackie (it's written on the inside). I still have them after all these years:

Aunt Ruth, my father's only surviving sibling.

Mother at the party.

Party guests Claus, Edith Wayne and Barbara.

 I couldn't resist taking a photo of my cousin Jeannie's new manicure. A big University of Alabama football fan!


  1. Your aunt Helen is beautiful. Seems that the women in your family are all beautiful and so well dressed from tip to toe.
    You yourself are definitely going to follow them and keep your could looks too.
    I believe that a positive attitude towards life + the genes are definitely the secret of this all.
    Congratulations to you all, especially your aunt Helen.

  2. P.S. Third sentence has a spelling mistake - you are going to keep your good looks too!

    1. It seems all the women in my family take a great deal of pride in their personal appearance. I have had good role models and hope I live up to their example of taking care of my appearance and mental health/attitude as well.

      My aunt doesn't look at all 90 years old, in my opinion!

  3. Aunt Helen is beautiful as is your mother. What a beautiful celebration and I giggled when I came to the manicure, pure fun.

    Thanks for sharing and wishing continued good health and blessings to your family


    1. Thank you, Helen. I will pass along your compliments! The manicure would have been hard to miss; what creativity!

  4. Mette has expressed what I also think,stunning looking family,both you and Edith are following family tradition. Ida

    1. Thank you, Ida. I just hope we can look as good at 90 and 91 as our aunt and mother do!

  5. Thanks for doing this! So few of Daddy's family left - it's a keeper. Like you, I always loved Aunt Helen Faye's gift selections. I still have a big ole 78 record of Bugs Bunny and Daffy Duck that I received from one of her children, many, many years ago!

    1. Oh, I remember that record! We just to listen to it over and over on that Silvertone console record player. Funny how that console had its own unique smell. I can conjure up the smell in my mind right now!

      Is it even still possible to play a 78 record?


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